Hello friends!

I am so honored you are here! First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nadia and I live in Bloomington, IN. I have been on quite a journey since the Spring of 2016, shifting gears from working as a registered nurse full time, taking two months off completely, gradually transitioning to work as a yoga instructor and intuitive/lunar-focused astrologer!

I also incorporate crystals, Tarot, and herbal medicine into my offerings, as appropriate. My ‘why’ for the work I’m doing and my various offerings is to support you with your journey inward, which I believe is the most important journey we ever make! My intent is that this site, along with my lunar astrology-focused blog, will offer meaningful insights, as well as be a place for you to discover my various offerings related to astrology, yoga, and more – I trust that more opportunities for growth and collaboration will emerge from this space, as we each continue to dive within and connect more fully with our inner being. Thank you for being here with me!

With Love & Appreciation,



Current Offerings


-Mini Natal Chart Readings (via e-mail)

-Full Natal Chart Readings (via e-mail)

-Full Natal Chart Readings + Interpretation of Houses (via e-mail)

-New & Full Moon Tarot Readings

-30-minute Energy Readings (via phone session)

-Weekly videos on YouTube sharing my astrological insights & interpretations – Click here to visit my YouTube channel & subscribe to be alerted when a new video posts!


-New & Full Moon E-Workbook (released monthly, one-time copy or 3-month subscription options)

-Herbal Tinctures (Tulsi & Lemon Balm)

-Divine Connection Guided Meditation 


Inner Journey Astrology Testimonials

I got a really lovely tarot reading from Nadia. She spent time focusing in and connecting to my energy, and gave a thoughtful interpretation of the cards she pulled. It really resonated with me and helped me feel some guidance with the questions I was asking. Highly recommend! 

-Emily W.

The reading was so lovely, I felt that Nadia has a perfect balance of understanding the energies around me as well as the current energies around us all. A balanced view. I find hearing Nadia’s voice and reading her words give a sense of serenity and it really resonated with me.
Thank you Nadia <3

-Laura M.

This was exactly what I needed for the Full Moon last night! I am so glad I discovered your shop and can’t wait to purchase more.

-Lindy L. (Referring to the New & Full Moon E-Workbook)

Joyful Journey Yoga Testimonials

I have been to several of Nadia’s yoga classes, in the studio, at Owen Valley Winery, outdoors at Karst Farm Park… she is such a pleasure to practice with! Her pace is relaxing and soothing, she’s excellent for beginners because she really describes each pose in depth and has great input. Even as someone who has been doing yoga several years I learn something new each time about a familiar pose. Never have I practiced with an instructor who makes me feel so comfortable, she really emphasizes to do what feels right for your body. She creates a very friendly, non-judgemental environment for peaceful yoga practice – I highly recommend her classes!

-Nicole S.

The New Moon restorative yoga class was absolute heaven. I’ve never done restorative yoga before and wow, it was such a great experience for my mind and body! Nadia has such a soothing style, the readings were beautiful, and the experience very pampering. It was the perfect gift for my mom and sister, a fun experience for us to do together. I highly recommend her restorative yoga class, and especially splurging for the New Moon experience.

-Hannah V.

I love yoga with Nadia – one lesson charges my battery for the whole week. Awesome atmosphere just to be, exercise, and clear my head of thoughts. I’ve been taking this class for almost a year, and I feel much better than before – healthier, younger, happy.

-Aleksandra C.

Just wanted to share how much I enjoyed Nadia’s Restorative Yoga class at The Cocuun. The class happens Tuesdays, 11:15 am – 12:15 pm. For me, I felt like it tapped into this space of relaxation and renewal that comes from receiving massage. I positioned myself over the bolster in a supported child’s pose and I felt this deep emotional release. I know self-care needs to be expanded upon in larger context that goes beyond finding an hour for oneself. But yesterday’s class with Nadia was truly special.

-Amy B.

Nadia is a wonderful yoga teacher! I have attended her restorative classes a few times and have always walked out feeling more calm and centered. I appreciate how she incorporates poetry and inspirational writings into her classes. I highly recommend Joyful Journey Yoga.

-Madison M.

I took an amazing restorative yoga lesson with Nadia Casperson that left me feeling more invigorated than a venti espresso! Again, the practice helped me to create some head space, allowing me to take on the remainder of the day with clarity and ease.

-Alison F.

Nadia is AMAZING! I would recommend her gentle yoga class to anyone who needs a perfect restorative class! I’ve also been to her prenatal class, which was awesome ANDshe does New Moon yoga where you can get a copy of her monthly workbook. She is the full yoga package!

-Maple R.

I found myself wary before coming into my first experience with the class, but all of those negative thoughts of what I thought it could be quickly vanished after my session with Nadia. The benefits of even just one class were astounding for me. I have gained a much less clustered mindset I have been experiencing from the everyday stresses in life, and enjoyed what felt like an almost new connections between my brain and body I haven’t felt in a long time. I definitely recommend anyone struggling with not feeling connected to themselves from the fast-paced lives we live to give Nadia a try!

-Ezra H.

I enjoyed yoga at Owen Valley Winery with Nadia. It was a peaceful setting and she is a great teacher. Her voice is calming and she helped me relax & let go of lots of tension I didn’t realize I was carrying around. I look forward to the next class.

-Rachel W.

My practice with Nadia began several weeks ago in her Gentle Yoga class at Willow House. Nadia approaches her teaching with true metta and a passion for helping each person become a full expression of themselves in their practice. She honors where we are when we come to the mat and gently guides us in her example and through her words. She leads with a calm voice and a soothing smile. I am so very grateful for my practice with Nadia. It is the best part of my week!

-Janie A.

Awesome experience! The instructor Nadia moved at a pace that was challenging but not overwhelming. This was the first time I have ever attended a yoga class and Nadia made me feel extremely comfortable! Highly recommended if you are looking for a dedicated / knowledgeable instructor in the Bloomington area!

-Zach H.

I loved my session with Nadia at the Owen Valley Winery. Her instructions were clear and loving. She helped me tune into my body mindfully throughout the session.

-Enru Z.

Nadia is a wonderful, knowledgeable yoga teacher! I’ve been to a couple of her classes and every time I leave feeling restored, renewed and peaceful. She is kind and thoughtful in her teaching and it is really enjoyable to practice with her. Check her out!

-Katie A.