Full Moon In Taurus-October 2018

October Full Moon

October’s Full Moon takes place this week on Wednesday, October 24th. At this point, the Sun will have moved into Scorpio (this occurs on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd), which brings on a lot of emotional intensity. Scorpio adds more determination, force, passion, and intensity to our lives. So thankfully this month’s Full Moon arrives in Taurus…a more nurturing, grounding energy that is much needed!

Significance of Full Moon in Taurus

The Full Moon has a potential to wreak havoc with our emotions, and with the Sun currently present in Scorpio, this could be a volatile combination, as Scorpio brings about emotional intensity with much force. However, the Full Moon also has the potential to bring about positive opportunity and energy, if worked with correctly; by cultivating a calm state of being, these positive effects may be received. And thankfully Taurus provides an amazing opportunity to do just that, or should I say “be” just that…

So with the Moon presenting in Taurus during this time, the potential for our emotional state to be more contented and relaxed is also available, balancing out the more intense and dramatic emotional side of Scorpio. During this Full Moon, you should choose to direct your emotions and energy toward a state of BEing, acknowledging anything difficult that may come up (as it very well may with this Scorpio energy), but choosing not to engage in the drama of whatever it is that may arise, especially as Taurus is not given to drama-she is secure, down to Earth, and content. In addition, she also has a deep sense of connection to others, especially family. Ask yourself if there is a way to turn anything difficult or dramatic around so that you may learn from it and use it as a resource, just like Taurus, bringing more empowerment to your life instead of allowing it to feel like a weakness. 

Practices for this Full Moon 

  • Hold space for yourself-During this Full Moon, it may be very beneficial to set aside some time just for yourself. Give yourself 30-60 minutes to just be…whether it be a more formal meditation practice, an at-home gentle yoga practice, or simply just quiet time by yourself, free of distractions. Be present and just notice what arises-the thoughts, the emotions, the stories you are telling yourself. Give all of it space to come, but don’t attach to it…use this Taurus energy to not participate in the drama, but acknowledge it, and then let it go. If something really intense arises, use your breath to bring yourself back to the present moment and to assist you to be content in your own being. Remember that in the present moment, you have the power to choose how to respond to your emotions; you can either allow yourself to be swept away by them or you can choose to recognize that they are not who you are, and just as they come, they also go, as long as you are willing to give them the space to do so!
  • Spend time with loved ones-Taurus has a strong sense of roots and connection with family, so while it’s important to also hold space for yourself during this Full Moon, it would also be beneficial to make an effort to spend time with those whom you really love and care about. Maybe there is someone in your life you haven’t seen in a while that you long to reconnect with…create some space to be with someone (or multiple people) you love and to really be present while you are with them. Allow yourself the space to slow down enough to really enjoy the simple pleasures of laughter and conversation and connection, cultivating a nourishing quality not only for yourself, but for those you are connecting with at the time. 
  • Indulge in something enjoyable-In addition to all of this, Taurus also brings a sensual quality to life, relishing in the pleasurable experiences of a good meal, a walk outside, or a roaring fire, just to name a few. Choose something that is both enjoyable and nourishing that you can experience and really take in using your physical senses. Be present with it, really notice its qualities, and soak it up completely. Allow yourself to become part of the experience, as it, in turn, becomes part of you. Really open up and feel this experience, lean into it. This will create a strong, grounding energy in your being and promote practices of self-love and presence with what is. 

However you choose to spend this Full Moon, pay attention to how you FEEL. Be as present as you can in each moment and with each experience, and see if you can allow yourself to turn anything seemingly negative around into something more insightful and empowering.

Wishing all of you many Full Moon blessings with love!


Special Addition: Taurus Full Moon Crystal Recommendation by Nicole from NatureMadeByNic


Restorative rhodonite will be a great crystal ally during this emotionally hectic Full Moon. A stone with a strong affinity for Taurus, rhodonite speaks directly to the heart and root chakras, where we hold feelings of love and security – and also resentment, fear, and repressed emotions. The unique pink and black composition of this stone carries heart healing energies of self-love and forgiveness, while also providing support and grounding when dealing with difficult emotions. As potentially painful or repressed feelings come to the surface during this full moon, let rhodonite help you remove denial and face the truth without excuses or evasion, but with loving awareness. With familial Taurus ruling this moon phase, now is a good time to use this stone of forgiveness with the intention of releasing pain/resentment from the past that pertains to family members or close relationships. You may find that you need to forgive yourself for something as well, a task this stone is ready to help you with. Rhodonite challenges you to confront blockages in the heart, but it’s balancing nature helps bring out the strong, calm, and grounded energy within needed to understand and dissipate those emotions – rather than let them sweep you into a state of self-loathing or anger.

Carry, wear, and bring this stone into your meditation practice this week. Leave it outside to charge under the moonlight on the two nights leading up to the Full Moon, and sleep with it under your pillow the night of.


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“Feel the feelings and drop the story.” -Pema Chödrön

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