January’s New Moon in Capricorn with Partial Solar Eclipse


The New Year is here…and with that, most of us set about making resolutions or plans for what we want to achieve in the coming weeks, months, and quite possibly, for the entire year, as well as how to achieve whatever it may be. Many of us will start out strong, but the majority of us will not cultivate the structure and discipline required to see it through and realize these goals or dreams. Thankfully, a New Moon is right around the corner, on January 5th, and not just any New Moon, but one coupled with a partial solar eclipse, which gives us an extra boost this time around to really work with creating intentions, setting goals, and making a plan to see their realization!  

More on the New Moon

The New Moon is not an uncommon phenomenon, as it happens roughly once every month, and each one marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle. However, with January’s New Moon taking place in Capricorn, and occuring just after the start of the New Year, the energy of this one is very powerful, especially as it relates to using it in the way a New Moon is meant to be used…setting intentions; how perfect that, astrologically, the first New Moon of the year occurs in Capricorn, during a time we are wanting to set about in the direction of positive change and growth in pursuit of our dreams! Capricorn is known as the “master planner” of the zodiac, is very goal-oriented, diligent, hardworking, and relentless, with a slow-but-steady approach. Capricorn sees an entire year ahead, has incredible goals, and maps out a way to make them a reality, with all the discipline it takes to get there. Capricorn is also ruled by the planet Saturn, and very appropriately, Saturn directs us toward what we should focus on and continue to develop…sounds like a recipe for success to me!

And the Solar Eclipse…

This will be a partial solar eclipse, taking place on January 6th. Astrologically speaking, a solar eclipse indicates a stronger New Moon, meaning the energy for “planting new seeds” is even more heightened than it would be if the New Moon were taking place without this eclipse. 

How to Work with this Energy

So if you are one who makes a “New Year’s Resolution” and/or you are feeling called to work toward goals, realize your dreams, and move forward on your path, now is the absolute perfect time to get clear about what these goals and dreams are, if you aren’t already, and then set your intentions, and map your plan to get there! If you’ve been thinking about a new beginning or starting something new, this is definitely the time to get to work on that. There is a possibility now for a chain reaction to be set off for the rest of the month, or even for the entire year of 2019. There is also a total lunar eclipse taking place during the Full Moon later this month, on January 21st, which will usher in even more powerful energy, and you may likely see progress toward your goals by then if you get under way with implementing your plans to reach them now. Also, six months from now, in July, the Full Moon in Capricorn will take place, which will be a powerful time for “harvesting”, reaping the benefits of the seeds you sow now with the New Moon taking place under this same influence.

I think during this time, it is also important to keep in mind that a new beginning also means an ending to something…in order to create space to bring in the new and the fresh, it is necessary to let go and release what you have been holding on to that is no longer serving you – what may be standing in your way to the realization of your dreams? During the days leading up to the New Moon, this question may be one that is good to sit with in quiet meditation or even journal about to help you get a good perspective on what you may need to surrender, and this may also bring in clarity if you aren’t quite sure what new beginning you are working toward. 

Wishing all of you many New Moon blessings during this powerful season, with hopes that this New Year will be one of abounding peace, joy, and love!

“We are all like the bright Moon, we still have our darker side.” -Khalil Gibran 

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