January’s Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse


This weekend will usher in a lot of new and dynamic energy…there is a Full Moon taking place in Leo (but strongly influenced by Cancer, and in Vedic astrology, this Full Moon actually does occur in Cancer) on Sunday evening through Monday morning, the Sun is moving into the zodiac of Aquarius on Saturday, January 20th, and there is a total lunar eclipse, to boot! You may be wondering what this all may mean or if it even matters; however, if you are paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and are bringing greater awareness to your patterns of thought and behavior, and you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of why you are feeling certain things or a particular way at different times, then a deeper astrological understanding may be useful for you, not only to your life right now, but also to how you move forward in the immediate future. If you are reading this, it’s likely your awareness around all of this is expanding, and you are looking to deepen and broaden your understanding of “as above, so below”. If this is resonating with you so far, then I encourage you to read on, otherwise it may not be for you, and that’s okay too. I’m going to break down the different energies in play this weekend, and hopefully leave you with a better understanding, as well as some suggestions on how to work with the energy…

Full Moon in Leo (with a lot of Cancer Energy)

As always, Full Moons are a time when emotions are likely to be heightened or intensified, and this will be no different, especially with Cancer’s strong influence here! Even though the Full Moon will culminate in Leo, as the Moon is making her way to fullness, she will be in Cancer during the days leading up to it (which is where a lot of the energy of the Full Moon comes from – and as I said above, according to Vedic astrology, this Moon actually is occuring in the sign of Cancer), and so my take on this Full Moon is coming with that in mind, and for me intuitively, Leo’s energy isn’t factoring in as strongly as that of Cancer for this Full Moon.

Cancer is a water sign, known for her deep emotions, loyalty, and concentration on family. A Full Moon under her influence may bring about intense emotions, with the potential to stir up happenings from the past, even issues or painful circumstances you thought you had worked through or dealt with completely and healed from previously. With the deep ties to family, there is also great potential for a lot to come up ancestrally, brought about through our bloodlines – things that we may have no knowledge or awareness of consciously. It may sound alarming or difficult, and your first instinct may be to completely shut all of this down and not allow yourself to process and work with all that may surface during this time; however, this is an amazing opportunity for us to really purge and clear certain things that may have been holding us back, not only from our own personal pasts, but from the pasts and experiences of our ancestors. I could make an entire blog post on ancestral trauma, how it impacts our DNA, and the impacts it has on our daily lives, even if it is unconsciously, as well as how to work with and clear this energy, but that isn’t my focus here. The important thing is to have the awareness of it, and realize that you may be feeling and experiencing things with no idea of where it is all coming from. You may even notice that you are beginning to have a greater and expanded awareness of how not only your childhood and upbringing have a strong influence on your daily life, but how your current family situation does as well. All of this serves to help us identify certain patterns in thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that result from not only our ancestors, but also our childhood years, and our current family ties and connections. Being able to bring in this awareness, and then work with what we discover, helps us realize that a lot of what we think, say, and do are not really coming from us, but coming through from those who have come before us, who have raised us, grown up with us, and even who live with us now. If you take advantage of this amazing opportunity, you will be able to move forward in this New Year with a different “operating system”, for lack of a better term; you won’t be living on “autopilot”, just going through life reacting from a place that is unconscious or subconscious, but actually be aware of how you are living in this world – recognizing that you have a lot more power than you may have previously realized, and can start living in each moment, having a more embodied experience, and responding to happenings instead of just reacting from a place that really isn’t even you or from you. 

How the Total Lunar Eclipse Ties In

Lunar eclipses take place during Full Moons; this occurs as the Moon is nearing its full state and enters into the Earth’s shadow, meaning that during a lunar eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon; this results in the Moon appearing as intense shades of red, brown, and gray, which is caused by the Earth’s shadow. Astrologically speaking, a lunar eclipse gives us a glimpse into the “shadow self”. Usually, we all want to think of ourselves as good, kind, loving people – but we are human, after all! So what we discover about not only ourselves, but about other people, during a lunar eclipse may be shocking and tough to swallow…so looking back to everything I said about the Moon being strongly influenced by Cancer during this time, it’s easier to understand how a lot could be brought to the surface with this combination of a Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse taking place within that energy, and that it may not feel or be pleasant, especially as it relates to ancestral trauma and family ties and influences. Much of the time, we just want to gloss over the not-so-pretty sides of ourselves and the people we love and not really address anything darker or deeper that may be going on; however, if we will be present with whatever comes up and work to release and then clear it, we have the opportunity to embrace our wholeness and realize the areas in which we have room to grow and also move in new directions – remembering what I said above, “recognizing that you have a lot more power than you may have previously realized, and can start living in each moment, having a more embodied experience, responding to happenings instead of just reacting form a place that really isn’t even you or from you.” 

This is a time of ending, closure, transition, and manifestation – we have the opportunity with this amazing combination of energy to end certain patterns, completely close them out from our lives, transition into a new energy and way of being and responding in the world, and with that, we will then be able to manifest in ways that we may have previously not even believed or realized to be possible. This is a time when we are able to “birth” ourselves – our past, our creations, our unhealed parts, and our unique way of love and expression – out into the world. This birthing process may be felt in a creative way or possibly more so in a way of releasing and letting go. 

How to Be with This Energy 

Typically when I make posts about the New Moon or the Full Moon, I will give specific suggestions about certain practices or things to do to work with the energy. Usually I will suggest yoga, meditation, or journaling, at least those seem to be the most common ones I  recommend. However, I believe that if you truly are tuning into, being present, and wanting to work with the energy and all that arises along with it, you will be in a place of presence and flow, and that creates space and heightens intuition, and being in that space will help you receive guidance as how to best work with the energy. So with this, especially with all of the Cancer influence, I’m suggesting a “go with the flow” approach and attitude. I think the best practice here is to not have a particular “practice” in mind, and allow yourself to arrive at a place that is more fluid and organic in order to really get the most benefit from this powerful time. 


Wishing all of you many Full Moon blessings – may it bring healing, may it bring peace, may it bring alignment to all aspects of your life!


“In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in clearer light, and what is elusive and secretive, resolves itself into crystal clearness.” -Mahatma Gandhi


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