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As I continue to dive more deeply into the study of astrology, I now have an intention to write a blog post each month about the current zodiac sign that the Sun is in, and that we are being influenced by…I’m intending to keep these posts a little shorter, with a brief overview about that particular zodiac, along with information that will hopefully be practical and useful to work with this specific energy being generated by the Sun being in that sign. The Sun is currently residing in Aquarius, bringing us a stimulating energy to engage with during this time. 


Sun in Aquarius, January 20-February 18

The Sun made its way into Aquarius this past Sunday, lining up with the Full Moon and total lunar eclipse that we just experienced that same night. Aquarius brings with it a fixation on freedom and liberation; and this is also a time where the shift in focus moves toward issues and circumstances surrounding the collective. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn – and Saturn’s role is to bring meaning and structure to our lives, particularly as it relates to ambition and career, and he promises to reward the efforts of those who are dedicated and disciplined. So this is the perfect time to really get focused on what you are trying to create, especially as it concerns the collective and the influence your work and creation has on the collective, as well as how you individually fit into all of it; you may benefit from writing down your dreams, and from there, translating them into goals that will help you realize them. Once your goals are in place, you may then begin to take action (where the dedication and discipline come into play). Coming off the recent energy of Capricorn (also ruled by Saturn), hopefully you have already begun implementing some of what is needed to achieve your goals and dreams, and may even be in a place to evaluate what is working and what isn’t working now that we are almost a full month into 2019; this is the perfect time to fine-tune your work and the actions you are taking, especially as Aquarius brings about a greater ability to problem-solve. Aquarius allows us to see possibilities and potential that may have been overlooked; so work with this energy to bring new life into your projects and look at them from different angles and perspectives.

During this time, you may also feel a greater need to be around people or in a community, especially if you feel like you are able to make a difference there, participate in intellectual conversation, or are working toward a common cause or goal. However, be mindful to give yourself space and time alone during this season as well, so that you are able to also get out of your head and into your heart from time to time, recharge, and really feel things too, and not only think about them. 

As total lunar eclipses mark the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another, the energy of Aquarius brings us a fantastic opportunity to really get clear on what we are creating, its broader influence (on the collective), and our true role with it all – providing us the chance to really put our intellect and progressive thinking (both traits of Aquarius) to good use and begin this new cycle with fresh viewpoints and ways to go about our work in this world. 


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