Aquarius New Moon: Awareness, Focus, Creativity


Monday, February 4th will be the second New Moon of 2019. With the first month of this New Year complete, it’s likely that many of us have been taking advantage of all of the astrological energies (especially what we experienced a couple weeks ago with the Full Moon/total lunar eclipse) to really work with and process our emotions, let go of what is no longer serving, and clear space to make way for the new. When reviewing the first month of this year, ask yourself if you feel like you’ve been shifting your thoughts, words, and actions to be in line with this new paradigm, or have you been staying stuck in cycles that no longer serve, that you’ve possibly been repeating since before you can remember? Even if it is the latter, there is still hope, and with the upcoming Aquarius New Moon, now is the perfect time to really tap into the energy available to foster awareness, focus, and creativity in our daily lives.

Significance of this New Moon

New Moons, of course, are the perfect time to set intentions and to bring awareness and focus to what we are really working toward with our life path; this is especially so with the Moon in Aquarius during this time (with the Sun also still in Aquarius). Aquarius is progressive, forward-thinking, concerned with the collective, as well as the individual role to play and how that ties in to the bigger picture. Much of this was detailed in last week’s post about Aquarius season, in general. This New Moon now really gives us an amazing opportunity to focus these energies, to get even clearer about what it is we are cultivating and creating, not just in our personal world, but also as it relates to the collective and how it influences everyone around us. It’s also a good time to ask ourselves if our patterns of thinking and behavior are really in line with that which we are trying to accomplish…the energy here is very conducive to a heightened awareness of these patterns and if there are some that we still need to break, which are no longer serving and are not aligned with our true selves and greatest intentions.

The stage is now really set for a complete and total shift should we choose to work with this energy. There really are no more excuses available to us, and it is imperative that we take the time, if we haven’t already, to gain as much insight and clarity as we are able, as it relates to the direction we are moving in, and how that impacts not only us, but the everyone and everything else. If you feel as if you are struggling, it may help to really give yourself some space to just be, ideally in a quiet, comfortable setting – somewhere where you can let your mind go and see what comes through. This Aquarius energy has the potential to usher in a lot of new insights and perspectives if we are willing to give it the space to do so, and it may be just what we are needing if there are some areas we are still feeling a bit stuck. Once we feel like we have true clarity and the insight we need, it also may be helpful to write down anything that feels like a lightbulb or an “aha moment”, which can be especially beneficial when making intentions during this New Moon. Pay close attention to any new creative ideas during this time. 

You may not feel a lot of emotions, or you may feel emotionally detached or unattached – with the Sun and Moon both in Aquarius, there is great potential for this. Aquarius oftentimes struggles with really identifying and feeling personal feelings. It’s a lot easier to use our intellect and brain power right now, with our thoughts running the show – so if you feel like you do have feelings surfacing, don’t push them aside or brush them off. Do whatever it is you need to really allow yourself to feel and work with what comes from that. Your feelings also have the power to give you new insights, and they shouldn’t be downplayed during this time, even if that feels easier or safer. 

Wishing all of you many New Moon blessings!


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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It cannot be any other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics.” -Albert Einstein


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