Virgo Full Moon: Pause, Evaluate, Re-Align


Tuesday, February 19th the Moon will be Full and showing up in the sign of Virgo, with the Sun moving into Pisces just the day prior. The Full Moon is typically a time to see manifestations taking form, especially as it relates to any intentions set during the New Moon just two weeks prior. This Full Moon will be an ideal time to pause, evaluate your present circumstances, take stock of where you are in each aspect of your life, notice what may or may not be manifesting, espeically related to any intentions set during the most recent New Moon, and then re-align any area that does not feel true to yourself or your path.

Virgo Full Moon Coupled with Pisces Sun

Virgo many times tends to come across as rigid, craving order, possessing great attention to detail, and expecting perfection. However, these qualities have the potential to serve you during this Full Moon, in that you can use them to really shine light on what is going on in your inner world, with all that you are manifesting and creating from an individual standpoint. This is an ideal time to take a really close look at your thoughts, emotions, and actions to determine if they are really serving you or not. To do this, you may also look at your manifestations (or lack thereof)…are you doing your best to bring your thoughts and ideas into form in your physical reality or not? 

So the energy of this Full Moon in Virgo is presenting you with the perfect opportunity to pause, to evaluate all of the aspects of your life using the Virgo qualities of order, attention to detail, and even perfection; then when you determine what is and is not working for you during this current period, you are in a position to re-align so that you may be in the best place to continue bringing about what you hope to manifest. The energy of the Sun, which is now in Pisces, has the potential to pair really well with this Virgo Moon energy, especially if taking a look at what you are really doing and manifesting brings about any difficult emotions or things you’d rather not look at or acknoweldge, which is very likely to happen with the Full Moon illuminating the truth for you right now. The Pisces energy lends toward cleansing, clearing, and releasing, espeically that which is no longer serving. She also guides you with heightened intuition, helping you know on a deep level what it’s time to move away from, as well as where the current focus needs to shift in your life. 

Suggestions on Working With this Energy

If you are able, ideally on the day of the Full Moon, sit with yourself and really allow yourself to move into this energy of evaluation as it relates to your life and what you are manifesting. It may be helpful to have a pen and paper on hand to write down what comes up, maybe what is actually manifesting and working currently, but also to note what may not be coming together and what it’s time to let go of in order to move forward. It may also be beneficial to really take some moments to appreciate all that is working and manifesting in your life, pausing to show some gratitude to both yourself and to the universe – this has the potential to bring about a shift in perspective and fresh energy, so that the Virgo expectation of perfection doesn’t come through in a way that brings about disappointment or the tendency to be too critical of yourself. This likely will lend to a greater capacity of being able to direct this fresh energy toward continuation of pouring more energy into what is going right and working currently in your life, bringing about more momentum to continue moving forward in that direction. 

Energy has the potential to be used in different ways…so this Full Moon the choice is yours. Will you allow the Virgo traits of desire for order, attention to detail, and demand for perfection to hinder you, bringing you into an energy that does not serve you, or instead, will you use them to your benefit to turn any chaos into clarity and use the fresh insight and this energy of the Full Moon to illuminate your path all the more?

Wishing you many Full Moon blessings!




“What you think and what you feel and what manifests is always a match, every single time, no exceptions.” -Esther Hicks 


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