Welcome to Pisces Season


Earlier this week, the Sun entered the zodiac of Pisces. Welcome to a period where you may feel, even more than usual, that there is more to life than meets the eye! The energy during this time brings in more fluidity, intuition, and creativity. This energy will be exceptionally heightened during the New Moon in March, which will also be in Pisces. During this Pisces season, it is the ideal time to really tune into what you have going on within – tapping into your creative side and following your intuition. Read on to learn more about this free-flowing season!

Sun in Pisces, February 18-March 20

So maybe you’ve not been feeling in the flow of your life, with resistance popping up here and there, leaving you feeling like you’re living a life of chaos and confusion. Or maybe you are feeling blocked creatively, not sure how to get your energy moving toward what speaks to your soul and helps you express your true self. Pisces invites you to go with the flow, cultivate a greater sense of fluidity in your life, which by doing so, should help you better understand how to live and express yourself more creatively and authentically, by activating your intuition.

Between now and the Piscean New Moon on March 6th, work with releasing any resistance you may be holding onto or that tends to creep in when something unexpected comes your way. Instead of tensing, contracting, and tightening, try relaxing into the moment, finding your breath, and notice how things start to shift when you just get in a space of allowing and accepting without the need to put up a fight or protest. By doing this, you are able to get to a place where you aren’t holding on to so much, which creates space for other, more valuable and creative things to enter – by relaxing into life and going with the flow, there is an energy shift that brings in so much relaxation to life in general – and then you are able to access energies that normally may not be available to you. Your intuition is able to shine through, and “aha moments” of creativity are likely to follow.

If you find this to be a struggle, not to worry. Consider doing something you have never done before – even better if it’s something you’ve always wanted to do, but just have never made a priority – consider perhaps taking an art class of some sort, making a recipe or food dish you’ve always wanted to try, or taking up a yoga practice. Or anything that speaks to you! Shifting your focus toward something new and exciting is likely to bring you more into the moment, energize you, and help you find a better sense of clarity, which will help pave the way for more of the fluidity and creativity you may be seeking in your life. Once you tap into this creative, flowing energy and remember how it feels, find a way to cultivate this feeling into your daily life as much as possible. Getting out of your routine for even a day has the potential for amazing, positive impacts on your mental, physical, and emotional well-being!

Tapping into this energy before the New Moon arrives, should help get you into a space where you are prepared to set your intentions during the New Moon, which marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and you should be better equipped to carry this energy with you throughout the rest of Pisces season!



“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” -Brené Brown


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