Full Moon in Libra: Relationships, Balance, Harmony


We will experience the first Full Moon of the Spring season this Thursday, March 21st – just one day after the Vernal Equinox and the Sun moving into the zodiac of Aries also on the Equinox. This Full Moon in Libra will shine a light on relationships, asking for cultivation of balance and harmony, both with our relationship with others, as well as with the relationship we have with ourselves. 


Sun in Aries, Vernal Equinox, & Libra Full Moon

What amazing energy to tap into between Wednesday and Thursday! We welcome Spring, as well as the Sun moving into Aries on Wednesday, with a culmination of a Full Moon in Libra the next day…so there is a bit to highlight here! The Sun moving into Aries ushers in an overall energy of passion, action, and adventure, and as this occurs on the day of the Equinox, a lot of exciting energy for growth and opportunity emerge, along with a sense of things beginning to change, both in our internal and external worlds. It’s time to emerge from the Winter season, allowing the revitalization and restoration of these colder, darker months to assist us with coming out of our sleepy hibernation/cocooning period, and now move into the energy of this new season – how appropriate for the Sun to transition to Aries here! It’s now time to “Spring” back to life, allowing the characteristics of Aries to assist us with this process…a time for movement forward, creation of momentum, and finding ourselves in new territory. 


With the Full Moon in Libra on Thursday, there will be a focus on relationships – an illumination of our present circumstances, as well as how we are interacting and working with the people closest to us, allowing us to see what is and is not serving us, turning away from that which is not and toward that which is, which includes the relationship we have with ourselves. This Full Moon asks us to appreciate those we love, ourselves, as well as what is working within our relationships, and then to completely release anything that may be holding us down or back, espeically as it concerns these special relationships. By doing so, we are better able to cultivate the Libra characteristics of balance and harmony. This gives us the opportunity to bring in a sense of lightness, shedding the denser energies that tend to build up during the Winter months, which also helps us to better take advantage of the Aries energies mentioned above – passion, action, and adventure. By releasing all that is not serving and cultivating this lighter sense of being, we are empowered to take advantage of the growth and opportunities currently presenting themselves to us in this new season! 


Wishing all of you a beautiful Spring season, as well as many Full Moon blessings! 



“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” -Lao Tzu 


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