Aries New Moon: Passion, Excitement, Adventure

IMG_8495The first New Moon of Spring will take place Friday, April 5th at approximately 4:51 AM EDT. The New Moon marks a new lunar cycle each month – and the first one of Spring taking place in Aries feels so appropriate! Each month, the New Moon is a time to begin anew, wiping the slate clean, so to speak; Spring is also a time of beginning anew, with everything springing and popping back to life. During the New Moon phase, the Moon is not visible in the sky, as it is completely dark, and at this point in the Spring season, many of us may  feel like it’s not quite looking or feeling like Spring, which is also lining up well with this New Moon. Take this opportunity to really turn inward, create all of the space you need for yourself to release any and everything that is no longer serving you, and set the stage for the creativity, growth, and expansion that is surely to come with this new season and this New Moon taking place in Aries. Doing so will help you bring to fruition increased passion, excitement, and adventure in your life!


Aries All Around

During this New Moon, not only is the Moon in Aries, but the Sun is also! Aries brings a fiery energy boost that can really spark a lot of momentum in your life if you’re willing to tap into it! Fire is also transformative, as it can take something and change its form from one thing to another. Spring is also like that with its incredible transformative processes! It’s amazing how this Aries energy and Spring are lining up so well with this New Moon. This is quite an exciting time! 


This period is ideal to really do all that you need to do to free yourself of anything you feel is holding you back and no longer serving you! Create some space for yourself to tune in and discover what that may be – then do whatever you must to completely release it from your experience and reality. By doing so, you will be ready to receive this incredibly supportive energy of Aries to move you forward toward growth, creativity, expansion and all that comes with them.


If you like to perform a New Moon ritual, consider incorporating fire into your ritual this month. This could work well with whatever it is that you are wanting to release. You could write it down on a piece of paper and use fire to burn it, completely letting it go and allowing it to be transformed from that which is not serving to that which is no longer holding you back. This ritual will help you cultivate an increased sense of freedom, encouraging you to focus all of this fiery energy into that which excites you and ignites passion within you, assisting you to use your creativity to transform your reality. Once you’ve completed this release, you will be prepared to set your intentions for this new lunar cycle – ensuring these intentions serve you, align with your highest good, and feel true to who you are, especially who you are as a whole and free being. The intentions you set during this New Moon will have great importance over this next year, espeically these next six months. Be sure you are very clear about them and also about WHY you are setting them now. 

Wishing all of you many New Moon blessings – may this Spring season bring much growth and expansion in all areas of your life!




“The growth of one blesses all. I am committed to grow in love. All that I touch, I leave in love. I move through this world consciously and creatively.”  -Julia Cameron


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  1. Thank you so much for the clarity and your wisdom! Such a gift to offer the world!!!

    1. I so much appreciate this feedback and kind words…I was actually just thinking of you yesterday. Even though I haven’t been seeing you much lately, I’m still thinking of you and carrying you in my heart sweet sister!

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