Taurus New Moon: Grounding, Nurturing, Connection


The New Moon in Taurus will take place on Saturday, May 4th at 6:45 PM EDT. It’s time to welcome in a new lunar cycle, one with quite Earth-y vibes, with both the Sun and Moon conjunct in Taurus. All of this Earth energy likely feels most welcome during this time, after several intense months, astrologically speaking. Envision this Taurian energy as a warm, cozy blanket, enveloping you in comfort, warmth, and indulgence, providing the qualities of grounding, nurturing, and connection. This is an ideal point to really relax, let go completely of all that is no longer serving, and just enjoy the unfolding of this life and this journey, appreciating and enjoying each moment for what it is and has to offer.


Embracing the Divine Feminine

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, astrologically representing love and beauty – and Taurus, Venus, and the Moon all represent the divine feminine nature, so this is quite a powerful New Moon as it relates to divine feminine qualities and power. This New Moon brings with it an opportunity for expansion, connection (especially with the Self), alignment, and receptivity. What beautiful qualities to be represented so strongly during a New Moon, which marks a new lunar cycle, and is typically a period to begin anew and set and cultivate intentions – there is great potential to really release and turn away from anything that is no longer serving us, really leaning into and enjoying life, indulging in and focusing on that which feels good, aligning with what we really want to be and receive, and allowing it all to come to fruition, trusting that it will do so in perfect timing. 

During this time, it is beneficial to focus much less on doing and much more on being…feeling no need to force anything or rush anything, accepting the natural unfolding of life, which facilitates a greater connection with this Earth-y Taurus energy, cultivating a greater sense of relaxation and enjoyment – being in a natural flow and embracing the pleasures of the physical senses and each experience as it occurs. This New Moon should feel much like a deep exhale, and a beautiful grounding connection is likely to be felt, espeically if this energy is embraced fully.

Give yourself any space you need to really take advantage of this empowering New Moon…incorporate a ritual into your day or evening that really assists you to connect with this energy. And if you would appreciate a little help tuning into this New Moon’s energy, consider purchasing my New & Full Moon E-Workbook for the month of May, available in the SHOP section of this site. This E-Workbook includes two sections, one for this New Moon and another for the Full Moon in Scorpio which takes place on May 18th, with more background information about each of these lunar phases, journaling questions to assist you to connect with the energy surrounding each phase, as well as information and suggestions on incorporating a ritual, and spaces to set intentions for the New Moon. 

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings – may this energy ground, nurture, and connect you in every way possible!



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