Gemini New Moon: Communication, Curiosity, Engagement


The New Moon in Gemini will take place on Monday, June 3rd at approximately 6:01 AM EDT. This New Moon will mark the start of the final lunar cycle of the Spring season, with an energy that is light and airy, ushering in a focus on communication, curiosity, and engagement. It’s likely the Spring season has been the catalyst for a lot of growth and shifts, and this New Moon is an ideal time to gather information, especially as it relates to those things that you are curious about, and then use what you discover to share and engage with the world. Gemini is known as the “social butterfly” of the zodiac, so during Gemini season (which is here until July 2nd), the energy supports getting out in the community, learning from and sharing with others, and making meaningful connections.


Creating Space

As mentioned above, the energy of this Gemini New Moon is also light and airy. Your emotions may seem to be lighter, not so intense during this New Moon, and you may really want to take the social aspect of Gemini to heart; however, remember that the New Moon each month is also a period for completely releasing anything that is no longer or not serving you, especially the days leading right up to the New Moon, and it’s also a time to go inward and gain clarity about intentions you want to initiate during this new lunar cycle. Be sure to create the space that you require to do so, and really feel clear about this before you engage in too much social activity! Paying attention to how you feel is most important. Spaciousness is paramount with Gemini, not allowing yourself to become blocked or stuck. 

This period would also be an ideal one for re-evaluation and reflection, specifically looking back at this Spring season (think about the period of the first New Moon of the Spring season when the Moon was in Aries on April 5th). Where do you feel you have experienced growth since that time? What has shifted for you on your path? Have the intentions you’ve set during the last two lunar cycles come to fruition or started to take form in your reality? What feels most important to you right now?

Since Gemini also is closely tied to communication in all forms, this New Moon would also lend to communicating with yourself. Consider journaling about your reflections over this Spring season and what has taken place. You may even use some of the questions posed above to have a focus for this journaling. This may help you gain greater clarity for this New Moon and assist you with setting your intentions for this new lunar cycle. Give yourself the space you need, doing whatever you need to do to create it! This energy is really asking us to step outside of the box, release any limitations, and allow curiosity and discovery to lead the way!

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings during these last days of Spring – may you never stop exploring the depths of who you are!



“Communication is a continual balancing act, juggling the conflicting needs for intimacy and independence. To survive in the world, we have to act in concert with others, but to survive as ourselves, rather than simply as cogs in a wheel, we have to act alone.” -Deborah Tannen

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