New Moon in Leo: Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression


The New Moon will take place in Leo this week on July 31st. With this new lunar cycle taking place in the sign of Leo, we may expect to feel quite a shift, as we have transitioned out of the more emotional, internal energy of Cancer, where the Sun and Moon were both positioned during last month’s New Moon. However, if we were able to use the Cancerian energy from last month to our advantage, by processing and clearing emotions, being present with what was arising to the surface, nurturing ourselves, and releasing any and everything that has been holding us back or that we no longer require,  it will have prepared us to step fully into this bright, bold, external energy of Leo!


Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression 

Leo energy asks us to really step into our authenticity, embracing our true inner selves, and gives us the confidence needed to bring that authentic self from an internal space out into the external world and expression of ourselves. The zodiac of Leo is represented by the lion in astrology – fierce, bold, proud – so this energy is asking us to not be afraid to claim that which is truly ours and fully move into our power! If we let go of any fears of how we are received or perceived by others, and place the most importance of living in authenticity and freedom, we strengthen the inner self and realize that how we feel matters more than how anyone else feels about us. 

This is an amazing energy to experience a New Moon in – if there is anything we feel we have been wanting to bring forth into our reality, this is the perfect period of time! As we set intentions for this New Moon, we are being asked to make them big and bold, without fear of how outlandish or impossible they may seem…realizing that nothing is impossible if we trust in ourselves and live our truth. The external is a reflection of the internal, so if we are able to get really clear on the inside about what we want to experience and bring forth, there is no external force that is able to stop us!

Opportunity, abundance, and love are all also closely associated with leo energy. If there is anything we have been wanting to share with the world, this is an ideal time to do so! Whether it be a project or just a more confident and genuine expression of who we truly are, we should embrace doing so now, trusting that through doing so, more of what we want to experience will materialize in our external reality, espeically as it relates to opportunity, abundance and love! The more we are able to step into our truth and live it and share it with those around us, the more we attract to us people, resources, and opportunities to assist us and that feel aligned with our purpose.

So let’s give ourselves some space during this New Moon on Wednesday…space to be and to tune in to who we truly are and what we really want to experience and bring forth in this life. As we align more and more closely with this energy, we are then able to set intentions from this place for the new lunar cycle, trusting that the more we move into alignment with our inner being and authentic self, the more we will manifest the life we most want to experience!


“The non-physical becomes the physical.” -Nadia Casperson 


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