Aquarius Full Moon: Observation, Power, Freedom

The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place on Thursday, August 15th at 8:29 AM EDT. An Aquarius Full Moon marks a period of observation, power, and freedom, especially as they tie in to the collective. Any intentions we set during the most recent New Moon in Leo on July 31st are beginning to take form, and at this point in time, we have likely had an opportunity to step back from them a bit, evaluate them in greater depth, and refine and adjust them as necessary. This is our opportunity to continue to observe them coming into form, with the Full Moon completely illuminating their progress and/or fruition. With this illumination and observation, we are then able to become really clear on what is unfolding, derive greater power from that, which will ultimately bring about even greater freedom…

Observation, Power, Freedom

Aquarius tends to have a very unattached quality when it comes to emotions, so even though Full Moons tend to heighten emotions, this one may feel less emotionally intense this time around! Instead, this Full Moon phase is really asking us to step back, get out of the emotional body a bit, observe what is really taking place within, and especially around us, and determine how we can use what we discover by doing so to usher in greater power and freedom in our lives, not only on an individual level, but at a collective level as well. By leaning into this energy of ‘unattachment’, especially as it relates to emotions, we are able to get out of our own way, and receive greater clarity as to what is actually taking place and how to proceed.

This is also an ideal time to pause and appreciate how far we have come, all that we have accomplished, and the great manifestations that are currently unfolding. So much of the time, we just want to keep moving forward, not taking a moment to appreciate what we are experiencing in the perpetual now. This Full Moon is calling for us to be present enough to do just that…appreciate what we are observing and experiencing, knowing that our capacity for appreciating our lives as they are right now are an indicator of how fully we will appreciate anything that is to come.

Awareness is also a key concept with an Aquarius Full Moon…how much awareness do we currently have regarding the areas of our relationships, our ‘work’, our life path? And are we aware of how all of these areas at an individual level are ultimately influencing and helping to shape the collective? It becomes so easy to allow ourselves to become bogged down with being ‘in it’ from day to day, but it’s also beneficial to take this step back, when the energy is calling for it, and use our powers of observation, strengthen our awareness through this observation, and from there evaluate and refine all of these different areas. Through working with this energy, much-needed clarity is received, and the feelings of power and freedom shine through with this Full Moon!

“When you decide to step into your full power, the highest version of you is there to meet you.” -Nadia Casperson

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