Virgo New Moon: Observation, Refinement, Precision


The New Moon in Virgo takes place on Friday, August 30th at approximately 6:37 AM EDT – this is the final New Moon of the Summer season! The energy here is calling for thorough observation, from which we will be able to really refine certain areas and aspects of our lives, moving into more precision with every thought we have, word we speak, and action we take. This New Moon is really asking us to release everything that that has been limiting, has not been serving, has been holding us back, or causing us to feel small, so that we may move into greater expansion, while remaining grounded in who we truly are.


Observation, Refinement, Precision

This Virgo energy of observation and intense attention to detail will really assist us in taking a step back and taking in the big picture of where we have been, where we are currently, as well as where we are headed along our path. From this place, we are able to ‘clean up’ what we no longer need by addressing that it’s there, and then ‘clear space’ by ridding ourselves of whatever that happens to be, remembering that by clearing space, we then invite what is trying to enter into our experience, that which will more greatly assist us along our path and bring us closer to the reality we desire. This feels like a very appropriate energy for the final New Moon of the Summer season, giving us the opportunity to really release what is no longer needed from this season we have been in, as we move ever closer to the Equinox next month and the start of the Autumn season. 

Once we have really taken stock of our current reality and experience through this observation and have released what we no longer require, we then have the information we need in order to refine or fine-tune what is working for us and bring greater focus to it, in order to enhance our experience. Virgo is also very hard-working and tends toward perfectionism, so be careful not to get caught up in the trap of making or having everything be ‘perfect’! There are some areas where this certainly may be achieved, but hopefully not at the expense of true alignment and happiness. If something begins to feel too restricting or rigid, it likely means that we are going too far with something. Remember to also tap into the grounding energy offered by Virgo, remaining ‘down to Earth’, so to speak, and appreciate that not everything about this human experience can or always will be perfect, enjoying the imperfection of it all as much as possible, realizing that this ‘imperfection’ gives us room to grow. Refine what you are able to here and now, and then let the rest go!

As the New Moon is ideally a phase of setting intentions for the new lunar cycle, this is an ideal opportunity for us to get really precise about our intentions! What are we really wanting to hone in on during this period, what are we really wanting to bring forth into our experience? This Virgo energy will facilitate us really identifying what that is and grounding it into reality. Consider writing down your intentions once you are clear on them, as a way of grounding them, and also as a way to return to them throughout this lunar cycle. As we remember how powerful we are, as well as how powerful our intentions are, we bring more energy to what it is we are working to create in our lives.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and joyous end to the Summer season!



“Like seeds on the wind, our intentions spread far and wide, unfurling their power as they go, until they find the environment balanced just right for our dreams to take root and begin to grow.” -Cristian Rodgers

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