Pisces Full Moon: Intuition, Creativity, Self-Appreciation


The Full Moon in Pisces will take place this Saturday, September 14th at approximately 12:32 AM EDT – the final Full Moon of the Summer season, taking place just a little over a week before the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd! The energy of this Full Moon is likely to heighten both emotions and intuition, something Full Moons tend to do anyway, but especially influenced by the energy of Pisces, which also typically enhances both. This Full Moon will ask us to embrace our intuition, connect with our creativity, and really pause and use its illumination to appreciate ourselves and all that we have accomplished and experienced over the Summer season.

Intuition, Creativity, Self-Appreciation

Intuition will likely be very heightened for most of us leading up to, as well as during this Full Moon! This is an ideal period to really create some space for ourselves to ‘tune in’, listening to and following any intuitive guidance or insights we receive, especially as we are moving into the transition from Summer to Fall, a time where the veil begins to thin, so to speak, and we usually have greater access to the non-physical realms. We would do well to lean into trusting ourselves and our guidance, also protecting our energy in any way we need to, not out of fear, but out of love for ourselves and for all that we are connected to as well. 

This is also an amazing opportunity to connect with our creativity, especially if our intuition leads us more deeply into it! The Piscean energy here is directing us to ‘go with the flow’ of our creative urges, which may even offer solutions to problems we feel we have been experiencing recently or haven’t been able to quite figure out. This energy of the Full Moon brings illumination, and it’s very likely that a Pisces Full Moon will bring this illumination about through a creative spark!

Full Moons are typically also a time for pausing and appreciating, and with this one presenting in Pisces, which provides a more internal focus and energy, this Full Moon is definitely calling us into self-appreciation, pausing to appreciate who we are, as well as all that we have experienced and accomplished over this Summer season, which will soon be coming to an end! This is another good reason for us to create some space for ourselves, to go within, to reflect, and really appreciate where we have been and what we have brought to fruition over this Summer season. By doing so, we will hopefully receive renewed energy and focus as the energy of nature, and our own energy, begins to shift as we enter the Fall season!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings that will continue into the Equinox!



“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrea Dykstra 

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