Libra New Moon: Balance, Harmony, Relationships


The New Moon in Libra will take place Saturday, September 28th at approximately 2:26 PM EDT, and marks the first New Moon of the Autumn season! This is a period of fresh starts and new beginnings, as we have just recently entered a new season, and we are now experiencing its first lunar cycle. As both the New Moon phase and the Autumn season represent a withdraw of energy, as nature begins to release all that it no longer requires and draw its energy inward, and the Moon also becomes darkened and is not visible to us in the night sky – with this in mind, we may think of the highlighted energies of balance, harmony, and relationships, that Libra represents, from a more internal perspective during this New Moon, as we also draw our energy inward.


Balance, Harmony, Relationships

A new season, a New Moon – it’s likely many of us are thinking of what we may wish to cultivate during these last few months of the year, and the New Moon is also a perfect time for intention setting. As we focus on what we wish to move in to, as far as cultivation and creation, during this season, it may be beneficial to go within and determine how balanced and harmonious we feel on the inside, within our internal world. Doing so will likely assist us in feeling more supported, as we we hone in on that which we want to move toward. If we do not feel balanced and harmonious in our internal landscape, it is likely we will not experience either balance or harmony in our external reality.

It may be, that for many of us, this is a period best suited to less doing and more being, as we draw our energy inward and place less emphasis on an external focus, especially if we have expended a lot of energy in other areas so far this year bringing to fruition other dreams and intentions. In order for us to create this internal balance and harmony, the energy will likely call many of us into a greater state of being, with less activity and external influence. If we allow our intuition to lead the way, we will know what we need, what we need to release, and where we need to free up energy. If we feel any indecision, which is likely with such a significant influence from Libra, we may use this feeling of indecision and reframe it as an opportunity to receive clarity – clarity which will assist us with forming our intentions for this first lunar cycle of the Fall season!

Libra also has a significant influence upon relationships, which includes the relationship we have with ourselves. Since the energy is one of a more inward focus, we may be asked to really evaluate this most-important relationship. As we do this, we also have an opportunity to examine how the relationship we have with ourselves mirrors the relationships we have with others. It’s quite likely they are a close match! As we look at the relationship we have with Self and realize what feels good and what doesn’t feel good, we have an opportunity to more closely align to what feels good, as it relates to how we think, how we talk to ourselves, how we treat ourselves, how we nourish ourselves, and what we allow within this relationship. As we do this, we will likely discover many parallels to how we treat others and how others respond to as well as treat us. From here, we have a framework to make any necessary adjustments in order to experience a richer relationship with ourselves during these last months of the year, which will only enrich our entire experience, both internal and external.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and a beautiful Autumn season!

“Balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.” -Jana Kingsford 

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