Aries Full Moon: Determination, Passion, Independence

IMG_8495The Full Moon in Aries takes place this Sunday, October 13th at approximately 5:07 PM EDT, and marks the first Full Moon of the Autumn season. The energy of Aries highlights the qualities of determination, passion, and independence, and under the influence of a Full Moon, there is a call for pausing, appreciating, and shedding light on our emotions. As we take time to pause and appreciate all that we have experienced and manifested in the recently past Summer season, we also are called to tune in to our emotions in order to assist us to work with the energy of determination, passion, and independence along our personal path, and move into the final months of the year with a strong sense of confidence and empowerment.


Determination, Passion, Independence

In the zodiac, Aries is a strong, bold, fiery energy – with this energy, a lot of determination is present. Aries does not like to feel held back or like there is anything standing in the way. A Full Moon presenting in Aries is very powerful – with the Moon’s full illumination present, the determination of Aries energy is heightened even more! During this period, we may feel a strong sense of confidence, coupled with determination, as well as a strong knowing and feeling that nothing will stand in our way as we move forward into the final months of this year. We are able to simultaneously pause and appreciate where we have been over the course of this year, and all that has come as result, while also experiencing a sense of clarity about where we are headed and the direction our path is currently heading. 

It’s likely that this confident determination will spark a sense of passion in many of us during this Full Moon – a strong desire to continue moving ahead toward what we really want to feel and experience in our reality. We may even feel physically energized, igniting more of this passionate response, especially if we have created a lot of momentum during this past year in the direction of our dreams. We may feel like we are really on the brink of some big breakthroughs, as well as able to appreciate all that we have brought to fruition up until this point, realizing how it all ties together.

This Full Moon in Aries also brings a great focus to independence. Aries energy does not like to wait around for anyone else to decide or give input – there is a call for clear action and forward movement, independently. Aries recognizes that while it is valid in some situations to seek outside advice or direction, that the true answers always lie within, not without. As the Full Moon phase also typically heightens emotions, we would do well to really pay attention to how we feel during this powerful Full Moon, appreciating that our feelings are our internal guidance system, and if we really listen to them, we cannot go wrong, and that our feelings really lead us deeper into independence. We do not need anyone or anything outside of us to tell us or indicate to us what to do or where to go, our feelings will guide the way if we allow them to do so!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Independence is loyalty to one’s best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes.” -Mark Twain

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