Scorpio New Moon: Intuition, Depth, Clarity

IMG_9037The New Moon in Scorpio takes place on Sunday, October 27th at approximately 11:38 PM EDT. This New Moon will highlight the energies of inuition, depth, and clarity, in particular. It feels really appropriate to experience the start of a new lunar cycle under the influence of Scorpio – as the New Moon phase is one of fresh starts and new perspectives, we really have an opportunity to dive deep (if we are willing) in order to take a look at things that may be difficult to face, possibly confronting our shadow side or aspect. While this may seem daunting for many of us, we are being assisted with this lunar presentation in Scorpio, and through doing so, we may discover things about ourselves that will really give us new insights and perspectives as we welcome this New Moon.

Intuition, Depth, Clarity 

As we allow ourselves to dive deep with the assistance of this Scorpio Moon placement, we may also find that doing so assists us to more deeply connect with our own intuition (another prominent characteristic of not only Scorpio, but also the Moon – so this New Moon will particularly highlight inuition). We are being called to temporarily shut out the rest of the world, in order to go within ourselves and really access the depth of our intuition – what we know to be true for ourselves, without the interference of anyone or anything else. That’s why, with this New Moon in particular, it will be important that  we create space for ourselves to do this inner exploration. 

Although it may not be an easy task to look at what faces us when we dive deep into the depths of our intuition and who we are at a soul level, doing so presents us with an opportunity to gain/receive much clarity. As we understand ourselves more intimately, as well as challenges that face us, we are then able to work with these perceived challenges, instead of feeling like they are working against us. Instead of looking at them as ‘challenges’, we have a chance to flip our perception and experience them as ‘gifts’.

And what might we do with all of this new-found clarity and discovered gifts? As it’s a New Moon, setting our intentions for the new lunar cycle is the perfect place to start! After doing this inner work, we may ask ourselves, what is really standing out here to me? What am I now recognizing as a gift that I may work with instead of a challenge that is working against me? How might I use these gifts to more fully align with who I am and what I am here to do? What direction is my intuition telling me to move in at this time? As we answer these questions for ourselves, it’s quite likely our intentions will take form from our answers – and from there we have a solid foundation to build on during this new lunar cycle.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


“Inuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.” – Sylvia Clare 

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