Taurus Full Moon: Grounding, Nurturing, Sensuous

IMG_9036The Full Moon in Taurus takes place on Tuesday, November 12th at approximately 8:34 AM EDT, ushering in grounding, nurturing, and sensuous energy! This Full Moon calls us to slow down, to take in, to appreciate, and to be. Full Moons, in general, are periods for pausing and appreciating, but this one especially, presenting in Taurus, asks us to do so! As we are also nearing the end of this year, taking this time to slow down, to reflect, and to appreciate all that has transpired and manifested seems even more appropriate.


Grounding, Nurturing, Sensuous

Taurus is an Earth sign, one that supports connection with the physical senses and plane.  A Full Moon presenting in Taurus encourages a deep sense of grounding and tuning into physical feelings, senses, and pleasures, slowing down to really be present with our physical experience in every aspect. This energy is one of nurturing, both body and soul, and through this ‘down to Earth’ energy, we have the opportunity to lean into the simple pleasures of life and cultivate a sense of comfort and enjoyment, appreciating our experience fully and connecting with everything and everyone that feels like home.

Taking time to pause and reflect on this past year is also very appropriate during this Full Moon, and through this reflection, using the Moon’s illumination, truly appreciating all that has taken place, all that has been learned, as well as every experience and manifestation. This requires slowing down, being, and intentionally reviewing this year, espeically all that has come to fruition over the past six months when the New Moon took place in the zodiac of Taurus. With this reflection, we may ask ourselves, ‘What am I currently enjoying that I wasn’t experiencing only six months ago?’ And ‘What have I created for myself over this past year that I intentionally set about to cultivate and experience?’ With these questions, we should pay attention to how we feel emotionally and energetically when we answer them and focus on any feelings that create joy, warmth, and satisfaction from within ourselves, to fully benefit from the energy of this Taurus Full Moon!

As stated previously, Taurus fosters tuning into the sensuous side of our experience – physical feelings and pleasures. By doing so, we have the capacity to more deeply connect with ourselves, with others, and with the Earth. This Full Moon is calling us to greater presence through our physical senses, really taking in and being with every feeling and physical experience, fully appreciating each moment in a mindful way. During this time, it’s beneficial to focus on enjoying the comforts of our home environment and those we share it with, as well as being with and enjoying time with those we are closest to, nurturing those deep connections. As long as we intentionally place our focus on what we are enjoying and what feels good, it’s likely we will receive the optimum benefits from this Full Moon!

Wishing you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Practice presence – embrace the place where life happens.” -Eckhart Tolle 

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