Sagittarius New Moon: Optimism, Expansion, Truth

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on Tuesday, November 26th at approximately 10:05 AM EDT, marking the final FULL lunar cycle of 2019 (there will be one last New Moon for the year, late in December, but that lunar cycle will carry into the New Year). The energy of Sagittarius is one of optimism, expansion, and truth. This new lunar cycle is calling us into a space of looking ahead with optimism, pushing past any perceived limitations, and seeking truth (especially seeking to know and live our personal truth). This New Moon presents us with a final opportunity with what remains in this year to really reach for new dreams and exponential growth.

Optimism, Expansion, Truth

As we move into the final days of this year, this New Moon is moving us toward embracing radical optimism from the influence of Sagittarius, using lessons learned and experiences from this past year to assist us to energetically build upon what has went well, what has pleasantly surprised us, and what we have enjoyed this year. Through review and reflection over these things, focusing on the energy of optimism, we then have the capacity to carry this sense of optimism with us as we wind down this current year and prepare for the New Year just ahead!

Sagittarius is also about expansion (and so is the Moon), moving past any perceived or actual limitations, through focus on what is going well and what is working currently along our path. As we focus on how we feel and what we are passionate about and what is going well, we continue to build an energy that expands (rather than contracts). This expansion serves to open us up to new ideas, potentials, and possibilities, which is fun and exciting to think about as we are about to make a transition from one year to the next and are rounding out this year with the final lunar cycle which starts in Sagittarius.

And lastly, we are being called into deeper truth, especially our personal truth, as the Moon reminds us that what is true for one, isn’t necessarily true for all. This New Moon is especially asking us to move deeper into our intuition (our own inner knowing), as our intuition is strongly and intricately tied to our personal truth. As we discover more about what is true for us through going inward, we then have the capacity to really live this truth and embody it, living it from the inside out. Doing so assists us to finish off this year with a strong sense of embodiment and empowerment, knowing that we can carry this energy with us, not only as we move on from this year, but into the New Year!


“Optimism with some experience behind it is much more energizing than plain old experience with a certain degree of cynicism.” -Twyla Tharp

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