Gemini Full Moon: Curious, Observant, Communicative

IMG_9443The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on Thursday, December 12th at approximately 12:12 AM EDT – this marks the final Full Moon of the current calendar year, the last Full Moon we will experience, not only in this year, but also in this decade! The energy of Gemini is one of curiosity, observance, and communication. Gemini also has the potential to be quite unpredictable, and this Full Moon is providing us the perfect opportunity to review this entire past year, really observe and take in all of the changes and growth we have experienced, and find a meaningful way to communicate anything that we learn from doing so.

Curious, Observant, Communicative

There is a very curious energy that is associated with Gemini – a knack for being ‘in the know’, moving about easily and effortlessly, taking in new information and new perspectives at every turn. With the Full Moon presenting here later this week, this is an ideal period to really get curious about everything that is going on around and within us, especially as it relates to this past year, since as stated above, this is the final Full Moon of this year. The Full Moon is a time for pause and reflection, generally, so if we tune in to the energy of curiosity during a time of pause and reflection, we have the opportunity to receive clarity through the curiousity, reflecting back upon and reviewing where we have been over this past year, or even this past decade, determining where we are now, and using this energy to be excited about moving forward in the coming New Year (and new decade).

This Full Moon calls us to be observant, to let go of what we think we know or what we believe to be true, stepping outside of that for a little bit, in order to really take in what is. If we use the energy of presence that the Full Moon provides, we will have an easier time really taking in what is actually happening instead of what we believe is happening. This gives us access to new and different perspectives so that we may open up to new information and ways of being, enhancing the clarity that is available to us during this time.

Gemini is also the master communicator of the zodiac. Not only is there a knack for gathering and taking in new information, ideas, and perspectives, but there is a propensity for being able to share all of it in an open and meaningful way. Perhaps we create some space to journal about all that we have experienced over this past year, grounding it down through the act of writing – doing so may bring in new insights or ideas which we may be called to communicate and share with others. Even if we don’t feel the call to share what we discover now, it may be beneficial to use this information in the future. It’s even likely we may feel a desire to communicate in a way that we don’t normally do so or have an easier time communicating in general. If we pay attention to this, we may find that a lot opens up for us during this Full Moon, and there is ease in bringing the past, present, and future together.

Wishing all of you many Full Moon blessings during this final Full Moon of the year!

“Your curiosity is your growth point. Always.” -Danielle LaPorte

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