Capricorn New Moon (with Solar Eclipse): Determination, Focus, Growth

FullSizeRenderThe New Moon in Capricorn takes place this Thursday, December 26th at 12:12 AM EDT – this marks the beginning of the lunar cycle that will transition us from this year into the New Year (as well as into the new decade). This New Moon is also accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, accentuating the energy of a fresh start, new beginning, and bold change. The energy of Capricorn highlights the qualities of determination, focus, and growth, with an emphasis on the big picture moving forward. This is a significant and powerful New Moon during a time of transition, calling us into aligned action and conscious determination.

Solar Eclipse Significance

The Solar Eclipse that accompanies this New Moon enhances energy that is already one of starting anew, as the New Moon each month symbolizes. A Solar Eclipse brings with it the possibility for upheaval, but also offers an opportunity for major growth, bold beginnings, and a new path (don’t be surprised if this is an unexpected path)!

Determination, Focus, Growth

Capricorn energy calls us into determination – for many of us, determination may feel like resistance, incredible strength, and maybe even stubbornness (which it can be); however, if we flip our perspective with this and get to the root of the word – ‘determine’ – and think ‘I determine…’, it takes on a more empowering energy. ‘I determine where I am going.’ – ‘I determine what I believe.’ – ‘I determine what is best for me.’ Thinking of the word in this way provides more ease with the energy of determination and assists us to use it more consciously.

As this Capricorn New Moon is accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, we may be called into adjusting our current focus (remember the potential for some upheaval). This doesn’t mean we have to abandon everything that interests us and focus entirely on one thing, however, we may be at a crossroads and need to decide where we are going to focus the bulk of our energy and attention, espeically as we are moving into a New Year. We are being asked to focus on what we are truly wanting to cultivate and nurture, with an awareness of the big picture in mind. Capricorn really invites us into an awareness of the grander scheme of things, focusing our energy with it mind, so that we remember why we are doing what we are doing and where we are truly heading, not getting too bogged down with the little things, moving ahead with ‘aligned action’, and not wasting energy unnecessarily on things that don’t really benefit us or add to what we are creating.

With this shift in both awareness and focus, we invite in the potential for major growth, especially if we provide ourselves with the right amount of structure and discipline – not becoming too rigid or caught up in the details – establishing a solid foundation upon which to build and expand. Capricorn is about taking the non-tangible and making it tangible, manifesting through conscious creation, aligned action, and awareness of the path. This truly is a powerful time with a lot of energy available to assist us as we move through this time of transition!

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and a wonderful New Year!


“Alignment is about finding the feeling inside of the things we want and then deliberately choosing to create those feelings.” -Christie Inge

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