Cancer Full Moon (with Lunar Eclipse): Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective


We experience a Full Moon in Cancer on Friday, January 10th at approximately 2:21 PM EDT – this is the first Full Moon of 2020, and it is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse, making it even more powerful and significant. The energy of the Cancer zodiac highlights emotions and intuition, and also promotes introspection. A Lunar Eclipse is a period for going within and taking a look at the ‘shadow self’ – the part of us that is often overlooked or brushed aside. As with all Full Moons, this is a time for pausing, appreciating, slowing down, and being present.


Lunar Eclipse Significance

A Lunar Eclipse always accompanies a Full Moon – this occurrence takes place when the Moon appears darkened, as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. This points us toward the ‘shadow self’, or the part or parts of us that may seem unloved, unworthy, or broken, generally overlooked or cast aside. The Moon reminds us here that this part of us is deserving of our love and attention, and that without the ‘shadow’, we cannot be whole and complete beings. Lunar Eclipses also promote breakthroughs, releasing limitations, pushing past barriers (real or perceived), and overall encourage an energy of release and letting go.


Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective

As stated in the intro, the Caner zodiac highlights emotions and intuition, calling for a period of introspection (this introspection is accentuated even more so with the Lunar Eclipse). The Moon also governs the Cancer zodiac, and just as a Full Moon generally heightens emotions, Cancer also encourages emotions; so it won’t be surprising if we find ourselves a bit more emotional and in touch with our feelings during this Full Moon. This is a good thing! Being deeply connected and in touch with our emotions actually promotes release, if we truly allow ourselves to feel. And since this Lunar Eclipse is calling for release, we are assisted by this Full Moon in Cancer to do just that with the help of our emotions. Being present with what we are feeling and what is coming up is greatly encouraged by this Full Moon, giving us an opportunity to let go of any energy within us that feels stuck or dense.

This is also an ideal time to really go within and listen to what our inner being is guiding us toward, supported by deeper intuition and inner knowing. The Full Moon also calls us to pause and appreciate, and with it being a New Year, many of us likely have been ridding ourselves recently of old energies, focusing our attention on new intentions, perspectives, and ways of being that we want to embody – so this is a time to take a moment to stop and appreciate all of the recent changes we have already made, along with the shift in our focus, as we have released that which is not serving us, so that we may continue to move into this period of deeper and more complete release with this first Full Moon of the year. As we allow our intuition to guide us into greater alignment with what we are called to do and how we want to be, what we no longer need will more naturally and easily fall away as we move into this alignment.

As pictured above, the Cancer zodiac is represented by the crab, which tends to be a hermit by nature. This Full Moon is giving us permission to embody our own hermit, as we create space, slow down, and go within to face our shadow selves, and more deeeply connect with our emotions and intuition, using them as guides for what is ready to be released, as well as what is ready to be realized and embodied. This is a period for nurturing ourselves and listening to what is calling to us from the inside. Resting and retreating serves us with release, and if we can honor this period, we are likely to emerge with fresh perspectives, new insights, and a deeper sense of freedom as we move ahead in this New Year!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


You must train your intuition. You must trust the small voice inside you which tells
you exactly what to say, what to decide. -Ingrid Bergman

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