Aquarius New Moon: Awareness, Insight, Expansion

D3B13D0C-0BD3-4A7B-8113-249D3C3E6DABThe New Moon in Aquarius takes place on Friday, January 24th at approximately 4:41 PM EDT, marking the first full lunar cycle of 2020. The energy of Aquarius highlights qualities of awareness, insight, and expansion. This is a powerful time for shifting on many levels, and we are being called to remain open to the bigger picture of our path, individually, and as it relates to the collective, as well as opening up to new beginnings, potentials, and perspectives.


Awareness, Insight, Expansion

We could say the ‘A’ in ‘Aquarius’ stands for ‘Awareness’. Leaning into the energy of Aquarius gives us an opportunity to really become more aware, of many different things, from many different aspects. Because Aquarius is fairly emotionally detached, emotions don’t get in the way too much, promoting a great sense of observation and seeing things for what they truly are, heightening our levels of awareness. The key here is to cultivate a balance with emotions, allowing ourselves to feel, without letting our feelings paralyze us or cloud our judgment.

This greater awareness lends itself to new insights and perspectives. The more our awareness grows, the more we are able to shift how we approach our path and our experience. Realizing things we did not realize before or seeing them in a new light through this expanded awareness, gives us new perspectives and ways to move through and interact with our ever-shifting reality. We are in this place where our perception changes, and when our perception changes, our reality also changes with it.

All of this really serves to move us into a place of unprecedented expansion. So much is able to open to us as we dive into this Aquarian energy. A New Moon in Aquarius really accentuates these qualities even more, as New Moons mark the beginning of a lunar cycle, are a time to begin anew, and move into a dance with our highest intentions. The increased awareness and insight that Aquarius provides really allows everything to expand to new levels. It’s much easier to take a step back, not feel so emotionally entangled in everything going on, see the many different angles of everything in our world, and from there, have a deeper sense and appreciation for the big picture. This energy is very freeing and gives us a sense of limitlessness. A lot of things that seemed to be such a big deal before begin to lose their pull, and the light of new awareness brings about a focus on things that may have previously not even been considered.

This is an incredibly powerful placement for the New Moon, and it’s one that has great potential to really set the tone for the rest of this year, as we are still so recent into this New Year, and it is the first full lunar cycle of this year as well. The intentions we set during this New Moon will have a huge influence, particularly over the next six months. This is an invitation to really lean into the energies offered by Aquarius, receive greater clarity and insight through doing so, and cultivate intentions from this place of increased awareness.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


“Focus sharpens the mind and relaxation expands the mind. Just an expanded mind without sharpness cannot bring the holistic development. At the same time, just the sharp mind without expansion causes tension, anger and frustration. The balance between the focused mind and expanded consciousnes brings perfection.” -Suraj S. Kore

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