Leo Full Moon: Confidence, Expression, Passion


We experience a Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, February 9th at approximately 2:33 AM EDT – this Full Moon will highlight energies of confidence, expression, and passion, as it is presenting in the zodiac of Leo. It feels really appropriate that we are enjoying the influence of a Leo Full Moon during Aquarius season, as Aquarius season is typically a time of expansion, growth, and shifting. If we’ve already been noticing these qualities over the last couple weeks, since the Sun transitioned into Aquarius, then this Full Moon provides us the opportunity to step into greater confidence, expression, and passion related to any recent expansion or shifts we’ve experienced.


Confidence, Expression, Passion 

The energy of Leo is bold and confident, and not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way that promotes confidence in the freedom that comes from being who we are, without concern of what others will think or if we’ll be judged (chances are we will, but we still show up and allow ourselves to be ourselves anyway). And this is a perfect energy to experience now that we are past the midpoint of Aquarius season – a time where there is usually a lot of expansive energy, accompanied by a lot of growth and shifting. This Full Moon in Leo is calling us to shine as brightly as we are able to, encompassing any and all recent realizations and shifts, doing so confidently because that is WHO WE ARE!

And with all of this confidence, it naturally comes that, from it, there is also a lot of room for expression. As we step into more of who we are and feel confidence overflowing from the inside, we are then able to bring this confidence outward through expression of our truest selves, sharing openly and authentically. Any recent new insights or discoveries are begging to be shared, to be expressed, and in a way that only can be when we show up boldly with confidence and a sense of embodying what we know to be true for us.

The Full Moon is a time for pausing, slowing down, appreciating, and being present – especially as it relates to any intentions we began cultivating at the beginning of this lunar cycle just weeks ago at the New Moon. We are invited to reflect and to notice how far we have come (even in just a couple weeks)! In what areas are we feeling more confident? What is now easier for us to express than it was before? What are we feeling passionate about right now? How can we build upon these shifts moving forward? And what might we now be ready to release as a result of recent shifts? In the zodiac, Leo is one of four associated with the element of fire – and passion is also very much associated with fire. What keeps our wheels turning? What excites us and moves us into transformation and expansion? This Full Moon is a time to really embrace and embody the fire within, doing so with fierce confidence, and allowing anything that is no longer serving us to be burned away by this fire, as we step into the full potential of who we are, who we always have been.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Confidence is not ‘They will like me.’ Confidence is, ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t.'” -Christina Grimme

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