Pisces New Moon: Intuition, Creativity, Emotions


We experience the New Moon in Pisces this Sunday, February 23rd at approximately 10:31 AM EDT – this New Moon marks the start of the final lunar cycle of the Winter season. Pisces highlights the energies of intuition, creativity, and emotions. With the New Moon being a period to go within, release, and begin anew, this presentation in Pisces feels very powerful. We are being called to really allow ourselves to FEEL, to FLOW, and to FLOURISH as we begin this final lunar cycle of the season. This Pisces New Moon invites us to embrace our intuition and emotions, viewing them as guides, as friends, as a way to really move into greater clarity. With this clarity, we are hopefully then in a place to really be with our creative side and bring about what is asking to come through.


Intuition, Creativity, Emotions

Intuition is available to all of us, with us always, the voice of our inner being guiding us and showing us the way. When we listen to and follow it, we strengthen it. When we ignore it, it isn’t quite as strong, but never goes away. Our intuition has our back and wants what is best for us, and when we move with it, it brings us more fully into the present moment and moves us into a state of flow, and in this state of flow, there is freedom and abundance. During this New Moon in Pisces, we are being invited to really go within, create space and stillness for ourselves, shutting out (for a time), what isn’t necessary or needed, in order to really feel and hear our intuition. If we do this for ourselves and connect fully with our intuition, we have an opportunity to begin this new lunar cycle from a place of clarity, assisting us to set our intentions for this cycle from a renewed and clear place.

Pisces is also strongly tied to emotions, particularly deep and long-held emotions, and not only our own emotions, but also the emotions that we may have picked up from others over time. Pisces asks us to acknowledge our emotions and feelings, not to run from or push them away, trusting that our emotions are a guide, a compass if you will, to direct us and to bring to light what needs to be seen, felt, and held. Doing so allows us to release these emotions, enabling them to move through us, and freeing ourselves of any emotions that are needing to be released so that we may feel lighter, clearer, and more at peace.

There is also a strong creative side to Pisces, just as each and every one of us has a creative side. Going within and embracing our emotions and intuition is a way to open a doorway to greater creativity. Our intuition nudges us and shows us what is already within us that wants to come through and be outwardly expressed. Embracing our creativity is also a beautiful way to work with releasing any repressed feelings or emotions – truly, our intuition, our emotions, and our creativity are all inextricably linked. Tapping in and tuning in to one of them fully, opens up the pathways for us to experience the others. This Pisces New Moon encourages us to embrace each of them as fully as we possibly can as we enter into this new lunar cycle, so that we may release anything we no longer need, and move into a space where we can bring forth what we are being called to manifest.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


‘Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.’ -Paulo Coelho

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