Taurus New Moon: Grounding, Earthy, Clarifying


We experience a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10:25 PM EDT – this particular New Moon will usher in grounding, earthy,  and clarifying energies thanks to its presentation in the zodiac of Taurus. The New Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, and is energetically a period of fresh starts and new beginnings. We are being given an opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves and the world around us, in a way that feels supportive and nurturing. This is a call to lean into our physical experience to discover a deeper sense of clarity and presence.

Grounding, Earthy, Clarifying

The zodiac of Taurus is one that enhances the connection we feel to our physical bodies, senses, and the Earth. Through this, it provides a lot of grounding energy. As the Moon presents here for her New Moon phase, we are being offered an opportunity to slow down, relax, and enjoy our physical experience, particularly through simple pleasures and being present. As we focus on our physical experience and what feels good, we move ourselves into a very grounded state that promotes enjoyment and relaxation, and we are encouraged to focus on what feels good. And when we focus on what feels good, our experience usually continues to feel good, as that is where we are concentrating our energy, and what we focus upon expands.

Taurus also has a deep appreciation for beauty, particularly Earthly beauty. This New Moon assists us to not only feel grounded, but to also connect with our Mother Earth, our physical home. As we slow down and move into a state of enjoyment and relaxation, we also are asked to enjoy and appreciate this planet we find ourselves living upon and all of her beauty, allowing ourselves to be present with the energy of the Earth and all of her many wonders, acknowledging the amazing support and nurturing qualities that she provides for us continuously, trusting that we always have everything we need, not only to survive, but also to thrive.

This New Moon also provides a period for us to receive greater clarity as it relates to our inner world and personal path. Taurus tends to know what she wants – she is stable, sturdy, and particular, not wavering much in what she knows feels good and wants to experience. A New Moon presentation in Taurus gives us a deeper sense of clarity if we allow ourselves to lean into it through slowing down and being present, moving into a quiet and still place where what wants to come through to us is able to come through. And if we lean into relaxation and enjoyment, what we need to know and feel is very likely to come through. This is a time to move away from any ‘shoulds’ we tell ourselves and allow the energy of deep connection, to the Earth as well as to ourselves, to guide us, trusting that the path will continue to show up for us and ground us, like only the energy of Taurus can!

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

‘Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.’ -Thich Nhat Hanh

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