Scorpio Full Moon: Dualistic, Emotional, Intuitive

IMG_7512We experience a Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, May 7th at approximately 6:45 AM EDT – this particular Full Moon will highlight dualistic, emotional, and intuitive energies thanks to the zodiac of Scorpio, where the Moon presents. This is an opportunity for us to bring darkness to the light, working with our ‘shadow’, and feel fuller and more complete within ourselves because of it. This Full Moon offers a period for us to recognize that the light and the dark are really one, opposite ends of the same spectrum, if you will, and without one, the other cannot be.


Dualistic, Emotional, Intuitive 

The energy surrounding Scorpio is one that really assists us to get in touch with our emotions and intuition. It asks us to dive deep within ourselves and take an honest look at what we discover there – the painful, the messy – the parts of ourselves that we like to pretend don’t exist, our ‘shadow’, if you will. The Full Moon phase also tends to heighten emotions and intuition, and this will be especially true of this Full Moon, as it presents in Scorpio (also true when it presents in any water sign of the zodiac). We are being called to embrace this as a gift, and appreciate all of the parts of ourselves that make us whole, that make us feel full and complete. And to do that requires accepting all parts of us, even the ones that we may want to mask or bury or hide. This is an opportunity to use our emotions and intuition to our advantage, trust that they have messages to share with us, and will shine a light on something significant in our lives and about ourselves.

This assists us to see the dualistic nature of life and of ourselves, recognizing that duality is necessary in order to experience completion. If we think of light/dark, life/death, masculine/feminine, pleasure/pain, etc., we realize that each one goes with the other, and that without one the other could not be, opposite ends of the same spectrum, as stated above. So even though they seem to be opposite, and one is generally considered ‘wanted’ and the other ‘unwanted’, they really are the same, a beautiful union that makes all that is possible. So if we take this understanding and apply it to our personal lives and what is going on within us, we may come to also understand that those parts of ourselves that we generally don’t want to face are necessary to our fullness, to our wholeness, and that if we acknowledge and embrace them, there is much we may learn from them, as all darkness is really just disguised light. It always has a message, it really just wants and needs to be loved.

Scorpio energy also brings awareness to the cyclical nature of life – birth, life, growth, death, re-birth. Each is necessary and has its own purpose with all things and all beings. The ending of one thing is also the beginning of another. Life implies death and death implies life. This cyclical nature is part of the duality that makes this experience of life possible. This Full Moon in Scorpio offers an illumination of the cycles within our own lives. What is currently ending or dying for us? And with this ending, what new beginning is coming forth? What is also growing and expanding? What are we birthing into our reality? This is an opportunity to slow down and appreciate each part of this cyclical experience, trusting that each phase of the cycle is necessary to our unique and beautiful personal experience of life.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


‘Duality is always secretly unity.’ -Alan Watts

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