Cancer New Moon + Solar Eclipse: Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective

IMG_6988We experience a New Moon in Cancer on Sunday, June 21st at approximately 2:02 AM EDT, which will be accompanied by a Solar Eclipse! This is also the first New Moon of the Summer season (in the Northern hemisphere), as we experience the Summer Solstice the day before on June 20th. In general, New Moons are period for going within, starting fresh, and new beginnings, which will be accentuated even more so with the beginning of the Summer season and this Solar Eclipse. The presentation of the Moon in the zodiac of Cancer will make this particular New Moon an emotional, intuitive, and introspective time, and as we are in the middle of Eclipse season, we are also in a period of immense transition and transformation.

About this Solar Eclipse

When we experience a solar eclipse, it always coincides with a New Moon.  This particular type of eclipse brings with it the potential for bold beginnings, new (and possibly unexpected) paths, as well as major growth. A solar eclipse can also be a time of upheaval and a temporary disconnection from our sense of reality. This truly is a period where we have an opportunity to go within, to connect with our inner landscape, and to create shifts from the inside out, in order to move into the path or direction that feels most aligned for us during this time.

Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective

As mentioned above, the Cancer zodiac is providing an influence during this New Moon that will likely be and feel very emotional, intuitive, and introspective. We are being called to dive deep within ourselves and to use our emotions and intuition as our greatest guide. When we allow ourselves to feel our feelings, we are able to gauge where we are in alignment with our inner being and where we are not, and then make necessary adjustments to move into alignment. This is also a period where we are encouraged to slow down, take stock, recognize where we want to not only experience shifts in our outer reality, but to realize where and how we want to FEEL shifts, knowing that true change on the outside begins first on the inside. This is not a period for rushing anything or forcing anything, but for allowing ourselves a deep exhale so that what is not serving us may be released, in order to direct our focus and energy toward what feels right during this time.

The New Moon phase is also an ideal time to set intentions for the new lunar cycle, and with this being the first lunar cycle of the Summer season, these intentions may feel even more signficant than during most New Moons. We are now more than halfway through this year, and there has been a lot unfolding for many of us individually, as well as collectively. It’s likely that over the last several months, many of us have made adjustments and shifts in our lives and have possibly been re-evaluating certain aspects of our reality and experience. This is an ideal period to fine-tune this even more, really honing in on what feels most in alignment with our inner being and Highest Self, so that when we are ready to take outward action, we are on the path best suited to us at this time.

The Cancer zodiac is represented by the crab, which is known to hermit inside its shell, protecting itself and going within, shutting out the outer world and outside distractions, when necessary. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse combination is encouraging us to do the same, not from a place of fear, but from a place of knowing that time spent within is necessary in order to re-evaluate, appreciate, and listen to what our inner voice is saying, before we move ahead. By allowing ourselves to slow down and take this time out from the outer world, we will be able to more clearly hone in on what is trying to get our attention within us, so that we can then bring that into our outer world when the time is right. Doing so will provide an opportunity for immense transformation, but in order for transformation to occur, there must also be a time of transition, from one reality to another – a closing out of old energy, the end of a current chapter – in order for a new reality to come into being. And while we may not know all that lies ahead, we can appreciate that uncertainty births beautiful beginnings and new ways of being.

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings!

“In the waves of change, we find our true direction.” -Unknown

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