Capricorn Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse: Steady, Grounding, Determined

FullSizeRenderWe experience a Full Moon in Capricorn, coupled with a Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, July 5th at approximately 12:44 AM EDT. This marks the second Lunar Eclipse we will experience in a row, as there was also one last month during the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This Lunar Eclipse will finish out the current Eclipse Season we have been experiencing, and provides one more opportunity to fully work with the energy one provides. This is a powerful Full Moon that brings in a lot of steady, grounding, and determined energy, thanks to its presentation in Capricorn.


Lunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse always coincides with a Full Moon, and this one is the second one we are experiencing in a row! In general, a Lunar Eclipse provides a period for self-discovery, breakthroughs, pushing past barriers, and letting go of limitations. It truly is a powerful time for not only release, but also for creating powerful shifts that bring us into fuller expression and greater embodiment of who we truly are, from the inside out!

Steady, Grounding, Determined

This time around, we experience the Lunar Eclipse with the prevalent energy of Capricorn, as that is the zodiac the Moon presents in during this Full Moon. Capricorn provides very strong energies that are steady, grounding, and determined. Capricorn is one of the four Earth signs of the zodiac and is also one of the four cardinal signs. Cardinal signs provide an energy of initiation, which complements this Lunar Eclipse nicely, as this particular Eclipse can assist us with necessary breakthroughs and the release needed in order to begin something new. This Capricorn Full Moon will likely bring things into balance with the steady energy it provides, especially if things have been feeling a bit all over the place during this Eclipse season, over the last six weeks or so. This is an opportunity to shift into a new stride as we move forward with momentum and determination toward that which we truly desire to experience!

This Full Moon will likely feel very good for many of us, thanks to the Earthy, grounding energy that comes with Capricorn. We are still in Cancer season (the Sun remains in Cancer until July 22nd, which has the tendency to move us out of a strong sense of being and feeling grounded). This is the perfect opportunity to connect with the physical aspects of our experience – our bodies, the Earth, physical practices that assist us to be in our center and help us focus. It may be easier to bring awareness more fully into the here and now with this influence, and when we move into a greater sense of presence, our awareness has the capacity to shift and grow, and through that, we may have realizations about certain aspects of our lives and choices that have been making that really aren’t serving us. And once we have these realizations, that is when breakthroughs become possible, which is also being facilitated even more so through this Lunar Eclipse!

Capricorn also brings in a strong energy of determination. Out of all the zodiac signs, Capricorn probably packs the strongest punch when it comes to determination. There is a laser-like focus when it comes to desires and what is needed in order to bring to fruition what is required in order to fulfill dreams that make up the big picture. This Capricorn Full Moon is giving us a chance to have complete realization, through its full illumination, of what is needed from us as we move forward toward what we want, knowing that we are fully capable of manifesting anything imaginable, as long as we stay true to ourselves, remain steady in our focus and where we direct our energy, and use fierce determination to our advantage. Remember that determination really means that ‘we determine’ where we go, using our dreams and desires as fuel to get us there. And Capricorn ensures that we have what we need on the path, every step of the way!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings as we complete this Eclipse Season!

‘The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.’ -R.W.E.

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