Aquarius Full Moon: Open, Aware, Connected

IMG_7127We experience a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, August 3rd at approximately 11:58 AM EDT – the energies coming through during this Full Moon will provide a sense of openness, awareness, and connection. And although Full Moons typically heighten emotions, with this one presenting in airy Aquarius, it’s likely our emotions may not feel quite as strong or influential as they may typically feel during a Full Moon, allowing us to have a clearer perspective of the bigger picture, and opening up to greater awareness from the inside out.

Open, Aware, Connected 

The Full Moon provides full illumination, enhances awareness, and is also a perfect opportunity for reflection, as we begin to move into a process of release and surrender. The Moon’s energy has been building since the New Moon, and is now culminating in her full energy before her energy begins to decelerate. The energy of Aquarius is one of openness – instead of strong attachment, there is a knowing that there is so much more than meets the eye. There is information to be received from many sources, and there is a knowing that opening up to the big picture and a higher perspective can take us where we want to go! The Full Moon presenting in Aquarius is a beautiful presentation for these reasons – the illumination that is provided through both is an invitation to be open and ready to receive what this illumination is offering.

The energy of Aquarius is also very much about increased awareness and moving into an energy of expansion. As our awareness increases, we are given an opportunity to expand through shifts in consciousness that this increased awareness brings with it. With a Full Moon in Aquarius, this is a time of heightened potentials and possibilities! We have an opportunity to see things from a different perspective through greater openness, and a different perspective may be all that is needed to bring us into this increased awareness. It’s a time to release anything that feels limiting or constricting (imagine jeans or pants that are just too tight and the relief that comes when we get out of them). This also opens us up to new ways of being in as well as interacting with the world, as we continue to more fully establish our place in it.

As we go through this process of opening, becoming more aware, and shifting, and as we move into a more expansive state, we also are invited to experience the inherent connection we have to all that is, not just all that we are aware of, but everyone and everything that we aren’t fully aware of as well. Our thoughts, our words, and our actions create ripples of energy that move out through time and space, affecting so much more than what we personally know or can see with our physical eyes. This Full Moon brings about a greater knowing of how much everything we do (or don’t do) matters. We are impactful, both individually, and as a collective. And what each indivudal does influences the collective, and what the collective does influences each individual. We are all intricately connected, and we are invited to honor this connection and our place within the collective. The greater our awareness concerning this divine connection, the more fully and authentically we are capable of living our individual lives – and in ways that make a difference not just in our individual lives, but also for the entire collective!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


‘Awareness is all about restoring the freedom to choose what you want instead of what your past imposes on you.’ -Deepak Chopra

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