Pisces Full Moon: Emotional, Intuitive, Creative

We experience the final Full Moon of the Summer season on Wednesday, September 2nd (1:21 AM EDT). This Full Moon will present in the zodiac of Pisces, providing strong emotional, intuitive, and creative energies. With Full Moons typically being a period of heightened emotions anyway, this particular one may really cause emotions to surface, especially related to anything we haven’t been dealing with or wanting to face. Full Moons are also a wonderful opportunity for reflection, and this one will be especially so, as it is the final Full Moon of Summer, inviting us to look back over this season and evaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed (with the Sun in Virgo currently, this energy of reflection and evaluation will be especially prevalent).

Emotional, Intuitive, Creative

Pisces is one of the water signs of the zodiac, offering a very cleansing and clearing energy, doing so especially through connection with our emotions. Our emotions are ‘energy in motion’ and allow us to embody what we are feeling, if we allow ourselves to do so. Through this feeling, we allow energy to flow and move as it needs to, which will ultimately benefit us. If we keep ourselves from feeling and facing what is going on within us, we end up blocking the flow of energy and can feel and be stuck or stagnate. This Full Moon is encouraging us to lean into our emotions, riding the waves wherever they may take us, trusting that it will truly be for our benefit.

There is also a lot of intuitive energy when it comes to Pisces – a knowing, a feeling, a sensing – not necessarily being able to explain in a way that others will understand. It comes from within and is strengthened through connection with our inner being. Pisces invites us to more fully and deeply connect with our inner being, our intuition, and listen to that voice within, trusting that it will not lead us astray. It may be beneficial to ask, ‘How has my connection with my inner being been over this last season?’ ‘Am I listening to my inner voice?’ ‘What is my intuition currently communicating to me that I’ve possibly been avoiding?’ This Full Moon in Pisces is calling us to dive deep into the waters of our inner being, to cultivate our intuition in more meaningful ways, and to allow what is revealed to us through doing so to stir within us a desire to live life from the inside-out.

Pisces also has the capacity to ignite much creativity within us, particularly through going within and getting more in touch with our emotions and intuition. Through doing so, we establish a bridge to the creativity that is already within us, and there can be a lot of creative energy and insight that comes through during a Pisces Moon. With this being a Full Moon (and the final one of Summer), it may also be a good time to to reflect on our creative lives over this past season. Have we been cultivating our creativity? Are we paying attention to our creative insights and urges? What have we created over this past season that we are carrying with us and continuing to build upon?

As we enter this period of transition, between seasons, between worlds, this Full Moon in Pisces is providing us with the support we need so that we may flow from one to the next and be carried from what has been to what will be, with our emotions, intuition, and creativity with us – to inform us, to guide us, to strengthen and soften us.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ -Pablo Picasso

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