Virgo New Moon: Steady, Attentive, Precise

We experience the New Moon, presenting in the zodiac of Virgo, on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at approximately 7 AM EDT. This marks the final New Moon of the Summer season, and will be the beginning of the lunar cycle that will transition us from the Summer into the Autumn season (in the Northern Hemisphere), taking place just days before the Autumnal Equinox. This New Moon, under the influence of Virgo, will provide energies that are steady, attentive, and precise. This is truly the perfect opportunity for us to tie up any loose ends and release anything that we do not want to bring with us into this new lunar cycle or into the upcoming Autumn season.

Steady, Attentive, Precise

The Sun has already been in Virgo for some weeks now, and even though Virgo season is about to come to an end, we still have this New Moon in Virgo taking place before Libra season begins. The energy of Virgo is steady, attentive, grounding, hard-working, and precise. The New Moon phase is a period for final release, setting intentions for the new cycle, and starting anew. Virgo’s influence here complements the New Moon beautifully, especially a New Moon that initiates a lunar cycle that will transition us from one season to another. We are being called to tie up loose ends, as well as release anything we no longer need to hold on to or carry, so that we may free up energy for the new cycle and new season ahead. Virgo provides steady energy that will assist us to do this and also help us to feel and stay grounded while we make this transition.

Virgo is attentive, with a knack for details and refinement. There isn’t room to be sloppy or overlook things, and this is the case with this New Moon. We have an opportunity to really hone in on that which needs to be tended to, be provided with the steady, grounding energy required to do so, wrap things up and release them, as well as set our intentions for the new lunar cycle and Autumn season. It may even be beneficial to reflect a bit over the Summer season, if we haven’t already, to assist us to determine what it is we need to release, as well as where we are now ready to shift our focus, and tune into what we are desiring to experience.

The energy of Virgo is also precise – leaning greatly toward perfection. We are being invited to bring this energy of precision into our lives during this time so that we may fine-tune and refine anything that we need to in order to move forward. Where have we been allowing our energy to be drained? Are we misusing our energy in some way? Where do we need to create shifts in order to bring more of what we desire into our experience? This New Moon will assist us to accurately answer these questions, reflect upon our answers, and then set intentions for this new cycle that match the energy of our answers. Virgo also provides a powerful manifesting energy, so anything that we focus upon now and set intentions around has the potential to become very grounded in our future reality. We only need to bring awareness to our situation through the lens of Virgo – with steadiness, attention, and precision – in order to tap into this manifesting energy. This is a significant period for transition and shifting, and we will likely find that, the more we lean into it and embrace the energies available to us, the easier it will be to remain focused and feel grounded.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and a beautiful time of transition!

Precision is, after all, not only a form of responsibility and a kind of pleasure, but an instrument of compassion. To be precise requires care, time, and attention to the person, place, or process being described. -Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

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