Libra New Moon: Balance, Appreciation, Harmony

We experience the New Moon in Libra on Friday, October 16th at approximately 3:30 PM EDT – this New Moon will initiate the first full lunar cycle of the Autumn season, and energies related to balance, appreciation, and harmony will be quite prevalent, thanks to the influence of Libra. We are invited to pause, reflect, and feel into every aspect of our lives in order to notice how balanced it all feels (or not), and then set intentions for this new lunar cycle from a place of feeling centered and wanting to create greater balance and harmony.

Balance, Appreciation, Harmony

When it comes to balance, it is important to remember that it is something that we actually create – it is not something we just ‘find’ or stumble upon! It is also beneficial to evaluate how balanced we feel, not only with our outer world/reality, but also as it relates to our inner world and experience. If we are not feeling centered and balanced from within, then it is unlikely that our outer experience will feel balanced. The New Moon is an ideal time to go more inward, to release anything that is no longer needed, and to create space for ourselves. As we do this during this particular New Moon in Libra, we have an opportunity to tune in to how balanced (or not) things are feeling for us right now, and then set intentions, as necessary, in order to create and experience overall greater balance as we move into this new lunar cycle.

The energy of Libra also encourages appreciation – appreciation of ourselves, of others, of recent manifestations, of the beauty surrounding us. Have we been creating the space necessary to appreciate all that we are enjoying as our experience unfolds? Also, as this is the first full lunar cycle of Autumn, we have a chance to reflect over the recent Summer season and appreciate all that has recently come to fruition and manifested for us, ensuring that we take stock of all of it before moving ahead more fully into this new season we are experiencing.

And of course, when Libra is involved, relationships are also a large focus – this is true not only for the relationships we have with others, but also the relationship we have with ourselves. In order to experience the balance and harmony that we desire, we must have a strong relationship with ourselves and create space for ourselves to be, to enjoy, to appreciate. If we focus solely on others and our outer experience, we usually just ended up depleting our energy, move away from our center, and things have a tendency to become more chaotic in our lives. So during this New Moon, we are encouraged to draw a bit more inward, shut out many of the outside distractions, check in with ourselves, evaluate our current experience to determine how balanced and harmonious it feels, and then move forward from there, knowing that we have the power to create whatever it is we desire, in a way that facilitates balance and harmony.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. -Jana Kingsford

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