Taurus Full Moon: Grounded, Sensuous, Decisive

We experience the Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Taurus on Saturday, October 31st at approximately 10:49 AM EDT. This marks the second Full Moon during the month of October, as we experienced the last one earlier this month on October 1st, making this particular Full Moon what is referred to as a ‘Blue Moon’. During this Full Moon, energies that are grounded, sensuous, and decisive will be at play, thanks to the influence of Taurus. We are invited to be present and to fully enjoy the physical aspects of our experience.

Grounded, Sensuous, Decisive

Taurus is one of the Earth signs of the zodiac, which provides a lot of grounding energy. There is a deeper sense of connection with not only the Earthly plane, but our physical senses as well. Earth signs really promote presence, which will be especially true during this Full Moon phase, as Full Moons are also an invitation into deeper presence and clarity. We are encouraged to enjoy this sense of grounding and to do things that will accentuate it. As we lean into greater grounding, this assists us to move into alignment with what truly feels right for us during this time.

The energy of Taurus also promotes a strong connection to our physical senses, and is an ideal time to really enjoy simple pleasures. What feels good? What feels comforting? What is nourishing? What brings you more fully into the now? This Full Moon calls us to be with these questions and to foster these feelings in our experience. As we enjoy life through our physical senses, this is another opportunity to facilitate a sense of grounding and be completely present.

There is also a decisive quality to Taurus, with a tendency to even lean toward being stubborn. There is a knowing of what is wanted and desired, and it sticks. During this Full Moon, we may experience a greater sense of decisiveness in our own lives, as it relates to our personal path. Full Moons are also typically a period of heightened clarity, which will likely be even more so the case this time around with the decisive influence from Taurus. Anything that has possibly been feeling confusing or that we have had uncertainty surrounding has the potential to be cleared, as we lean in to this clarity and use this decisive energy. This Full Moon is a reminder that we are worthy and deserving of what we desire, and that when we not only know this but feel this to be true, there is potential for great shifts to take place in our experience.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

‘A desire never fulfills, it multiplies. A desire never ends, it changes.’ – Unknown

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