Scorpio New Moon: Emotional, Intuitive, Transformative

We experience a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, November 15th at approximately 12:07 AM EDT – this particular New Moon heighten energies that are emotional, intuitive, and transformative, thanks to the influence of Scorpio. This new lunar cycle provides us with an opportunity to deep dive within and to allow what we discover there to transform us and bring us greater clarity as it relates to what we desire and want to experience.

Emotional, Intuitive, Transformative

We have already been experiencing the energy of Scorpio during these last several weeks with the Sun in Scorpio. This New Moon will heighten Scorpio’s energies even more so than what we have already been experiencing. The New Moon phase, in general, is an ideal period to go within, to release, and to establish intentions for the new lunar cycle. With the Moon presenting in Scorpio during this New Moon phase, this will be accentuated even more. Scorpio is one of the water signs of the zodiac, and therefore heightens emotions and intuition. It’s quite possible that if we create the space for ourselves to go within leading up to and during this New Moon, that we may discover a lot surfacing for us as it relates to our emotions and intuition. This is ultimately for our benefit, as it provides an opportunity to release and clear anything that is not serving us through tuning in to what is emotionally and intuitively present for us. And when we do this inner work and allow this process to unfold, it has the potential to provide for us a greater sense of clarity, particularly as it relates to what we desire. After all, our emotions are our internal compass, or GPS, and they are there to assist us and to guide us toward what our Inner Being already knows is right for us.

The energy of Scorpio also strongly correlates to cycles (think birth/life/death/rebirth) – it’s quite possible that during this Scorpio season, many of us have already been experiencing certain cycles or patterns showing back up or repeating in our lives. Scorpio reminds us that life is cyclical, and that we will continue to revisit certain things and experiences until we have learned from them what we need to learn. This is in order for us to grow and expand, and assists us to transform from the inside out. The more we resist this, the longer we experience this process and continue to revisit and repeat certain circumstances and experiences. There is nothing right or wrong about this, and we are the ones who ultimately choose how long certain patterns continue in our lives. We are the ones that hold our own power, which is another reminder from Scorpio.

This is a powerful New Moon, and we are being called to create the space we need for ourselves to do the inner work in order to more fully step into and embody who we are from the inside out, from a place of knowing and feeling, from a place of experiencing the strength of our own power. This New Moon initiates the new lunar cycle that also offers us a lunar eclipse during the Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th – both the New and Full Moon during this upcoming lunar cycle are going to be incredible opportunities for us to grow, shift, and expand beyond anything we have so far experienced, as long as we go within, focus on how we feel, and allow these feelings to guide us from the inside out.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

‘Self-transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.’ -Jaggi Vasudev

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