Gemini Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse: Curious, Insightful, Communicative

We experience a Full Moon in Gemini, coupled with a Lunar Eclipse, on Monday, November 30th at approximately 4:25 AM EDT – this Full Moon will highlight energies that are curious, insightful, and communicative. The Full Moon phase encourages us to pause, slow down, appreciate, be present, and also initiate any necessary release in order to be lighter and move forward along our path. The energy of the Lunar Eclipse is significant because it is a time for potential breakthroughs, letting go of limitations, healing, and release.

Curious, Insightful, Communicative

The energy of Gemini has the potential to activate a lot of curiosity, and with the Full Moon presenting in this sign, this will be curiosity related to what is going on within us – What does our inner landscape look like during this time? How does it feel? Is there anything surfacing there that we need to address or release? Being fully with the energy of curiosity provides an opportunity for us to not only ask questions, but then to go deep enough to receive the insights and clarity that are waiting for us, as we see what is illuminated within us by this Full Moon. Working with the energy of what we are curious about increases our awareness and moves us into a place where we can experience powerful shifts, and the influence of a Lunar Eclipse during this time is accentuating this even more so!

Insight – what comes to mind when you think of this word? Does this shift at all when you break it into two words, ‘in sight‘? What is in your sight right now, especially what is this Full Moon shining its light upon to assist you to more clearly see? When we receive insight about something, as stated above, our clarity and awareness increase – with this Full Moon being accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse, working with what we are receiving insight about during this time will most definitely assist us to have breakthroughs, to let go of any limiting thoughts or beliefs that truly are not serving us, and to heal and release more fully. It’s a powerful period to embrace what feels aligned for us and to let go of anything that is causing us to feel stuck or less than who we really are, from the inside out!

Gemini is most definitely the prime communicator of the zodiac – all of this curiosity and exploration that lead to new insights and increased clarity are encouraged to be shared, and to be shared mindfully. What do you feel called to share right now? How might you more authentically express yourself? Are you sharing in a way that is non-judgmental and open? The zodiac sign of Gemini is represented by twins or twin energy, reminding us that there are two sides to every coin, and that neither is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, they just are, and without one, the other could not be. What appears to be separate is actually one whole, made up by two. Gemini encourages us to remember this and not to create unnecessary separation in our lives or through what we are sharing and communicating with the world.

This Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse combination is an activation which provides us with an opportunity to really lean in to this energy and allow it to assist us with our desires, our dreams, our expansion, our growth, and our shifting into new ways of being!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

‘Insight occurs when, and to the degree that, one knows oneself.’ -Andrew Schneider

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