Above & Below Astrology

I created Above & Below Astrology in February 2019, after studying and working with it for some time, however, I continue to learn and dive deeper with this work, and as I do so, it continues to evolve. Personally, I feel a deep connection with the Moon, which is why my astrology work is intuitive and lunar-focused. In astrology, the Moon is representative of the feminine/yin energy and the subconscious mind, and is strongly connected to emotions and intuition. Through working with the phases and energy of the Moon, I feel we are able to connect more deeply to our inner being and uncover what our emotions and intuition are communicating with us.

I currently offer mini natal chart readings as well as monthly New & Full Moon E-Workbooks to assist you on your own inner journey!

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Mini Natal Chart Reading

Dive into your personal natal chart to discover more about yourself and your path through the three dominant presentations in your personal natal chart: the Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant or Rising. After payment, please e-mail your date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth to aboveandbelowastrology@gmail.com – within 72 hours, receive a detailed response from Nadia based on the placement of the Sun, the Moon, and your rising sign. This information allows you to uncover more about your personality, certain dominant characteristics, and how you may come across to others. Learn more about why you do what you do as well as why you feel how you feel through your unique natal chart!



For more info & to order my monthly New & Full Moon E-Workbooks, please visit the MOON WORKBOOKS page of this site from the menu!