Pisces New Moon: Intuition, Creativity, Emotions


We experience the New Moon in Pisces this Sunday, February 23rd at approximately 10:31 AM EDT – this New Moon marks the start of the final lunar cycle of the Winter season. Pisces highlights the energies of intuition, creativity, and emotions. With the New Moon being a period to go within, release, and begin anew, this presentation in Pisces feels very powerful. We are being called to really allow ourselves to FEEL, to FLOW, and to FLOURISH as we begin this final lunar cycle of the season. This Pisces New Moon invites us to embrace our intuition and emotions, viewing them as guides, as friends, as a way to really move into greater clarity. With this clarity, we are hopefully then in a place to really be with our creative side and bring about what is asking to come through.


Intuition, Creativity, Emotions

Intuition is available to all of us, with us always, the voice of our inner being guiding us and showing us the way. When we listen to and follow it, we strengthen it. When we ignore it, it isn’t quite as strong, but never goes away. Our intuition has our back and wants what is best for us, and when we move with it, it brings us more fully into the present moment and moves us into a state of flow, and in this state of flow, there is freedom and abundance. During this New Moon in Pisces, we are being invited to really go within, create space and stillness for ourselves, shutting out (for a time), what isn’t necessary or needed, in order to really feel and hear our intuition. If we do this for ourselves and connect fully with our intuition, we have an opportunity to begin this new lunar cycle from a place of clarity, assisting us to set our intentions for this cycle from a renewed and clear place.

Pisces is also strongly tied to emotions, particularly deep and long-held emotions, and not only our own emotions, but also the emotions that we may have picked up from others over time. Pisces asks us to acknowledge our emotions and feelings, not to run from or push them away, trusting that our emotions are a guide, a compass if you will, to direct us and to bring to light what needs to be seen, felt, and held. Doing so allows us to release these emotions, enabling them to move through us, and freeing ourselves of any emotions that are needing to be released so that we may feel lighter, clearer, and more at peace.

There is also a strong creative side to Pisces, just as each and every one of us has a creative side. Going within and embracing our emotions and intuition is a way to open a doorway to greater creativity. Our intuition nudges us and shows us what is already within us that wants to come through and be outwardly expressed. Embracing our creativity is also a beautiful way to work with releasing any repressed feelings or emotions – truly, our intuition, our emotions, and our creativity are all inextricably linked. Tapping in and tuning in to one of them fully, opens up the pathways for us to experience the others. This Pisces New Moon encourages us to embrace each of them as fully as we possibly can as we enter into this new lunar cycle, so that we may release anything we no longer need, and move into a space where we can bring forth what we are being called to manifest.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


‘Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life.’ -Paulo Coelho

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Leo Full Moon: Confidence, Expression, Passion


We experience a Full Moon in Leo on Sunday, February 9th at approximately 2:33 AM EDT – this Full Moon will highlight energies of confidence, expression, and passion, as it is presenting in the zodiac of Leo. It feels really appropriate that we are enjoying the influence of a Leo Full Moon during Aquarius season, as Aquarius season is typically a time of expansion, growth, and shifting. If we’ve already been noticing these qualities over the last couple weeks, since the Sun transitioned into Aquarius, then this Full Moon provides us the opportunity to step into greater confidence, expression, and passion related to any recent expansion or shifts we’ve experienced.


Confidence, Expression, Passion 

The energy of Leo is bold and confident, and not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way that promotes confidence in the freedom that comes from being who we are, without concern of what others will think or if we’ll be judged (chances are we will, but we still show up and allow ourselves to be ourselves anyway). And this is a perfect energy to experience now that we are past the midpoint of Aquarius season – a time where there is usually a lot of expansive energy, accompanied by a lot of growth and shifting. This Full Moon in Leo is calling us to shine as brightly as we are able to, encompassing any and all recent realizations and shifts, doing so confidently because that is WHO WE ARE!

And with all of this confidence, it naturally comes that, from it, there is also a lot of room for expression. As we step into more of who we are and feel confidence overflowing from the inside, we are then able to bring this confidence outward through expression of our truest selves, sharing openly and authentically. Any recent new insights or discoveries are begging to be shared, to be expressed, and in a way that only can be when we show up boldly with confidence and a sense of embodying what we know to be true for us.

The Full Moon is a time for pausing, slowing down, appreciating, and being present – especially as it relates to any intentions we began cultivating at the beginning of this lunar cycle just weeks ago at the New Moon. We are invited to reflect and to notice how far we have come (even in just a couple weeks)! In what areas are we feeling more confident? What is now easier for us to express than it was before? What are we feeling passionate about right now? How can we build upon these shifts moving forward? And what might we now be ready to release as a result of recent shifts? In the zodiac, Leo is one of four associated with the element of fire – and passion is also very much associated with fire. What keeps our wheels turning? What excites us and moves us into transformation and expansion? This Full Moon is a time to really embrace and embody the fire within, doing so with fierce confidence, and allowing anything that is no longer serving us to be burned away by this fire, as we step into the full potential of who we are, who we always have been.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Confidence is not ‘They will like me.’ Confidence is, ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t.'” -Christina Grimme

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Aquarius New Moon: Awareness, Insight, Expansion

D3B13D0C-0BD3-4A7B-8113-249D3C3E6DABThe New Moon in Aquarius takes place on Friday, January 24th at approximately 4:41 PM EDT, marking the first full lunar cycle of 2020. The energy of Aquarius highlights qualities of awareness, insight, and expansion. This is a powerful time for shifting on many levels, and we are being called to remain open to the bigger picture of our path, individually, and as it relates to the collective, as well as opening up to new beginnings, potentials, and perspectives.


Awareness, Insight, Expansion

We could say the ‘A’ in ‘Aquarius’ stands for ‘Awareness’. Leaning into the energy of Aquarius gives us an opportunity to really become more aware, of many different things, from many different aspects. Because Aquarius is fairly emotionally detached, emotions don’t get in the way too much, promoting a great sense of observation and seeing things for what they truly are, heightening our levels of awareness. The key here is to cultivate a balance with emotions, allowing ourselves to feel, without letting our feelings paralyze us or cloud our judgment.

This greater awareness lends itself to new insights and perspectives. The more our awareness grows, the more we are able to shift how we approach our path and our experience. Realizing things we did not realize before or seeing them in a new light through this expanded awareness, gives us new perspectives and ways to move through and interact with our ever-shifting reality. We are in this place where our perception changes, and when our perception changes, our reality also changes with it.

All of this really serves to move us into a place of unprecedented expansion. So much is able to open to us as we dive into this Aquarian energy. A New Moon in Aquarius really accentuates these qualities even more, as New Moons mark the beginning of a lunar cycle, are a time to begin anew, and move into a dance with our highest intentions. The increased awareness and insight that Aquarius provides really allows everything to expand to new levels. It’s much easier to take a step back, not feel so emotionally entangled in everything going on, see the many different angles of everything in our world, and from there, have a deeper sense and appreciation for the big picture. This energy is very freeing and gives us a sense of limitlessness. A lot of things that seemed to be such a big deal before begin to lose their pull, and the light of new awareness brings about a focus on things that may have previously not even been considered.

This is an incredibly powerful placement for the New Moon, and it’s one that has great potential to really set the tone for the rest of this year, as we are still so recent into this New Year, and it is the first full lunar cycle of this year as well. The intentions we set during this New Moon will have a huge influence, particularly over the next six months. This is an invitation to really lean into the energies offered by Aquarius, receive greater clarity and insight through doing so, and cultivate intentions from this place of increased awareness.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


“Focus sharpens the mind and relaxation expands the mind. Just an expanded mind without sharpness cannot bring the holistic development. At the same time, just the sharp mind without expansion causes tension, anger and frustration. The balance between the focused mind and expanded consciousnes brings perfection.” -Suraj S. Kore

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Cancer Full Moon (with Lunar Eclipse): Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective


We experience a Full Moon in Cancer on Friday, January 10th at approximately 2:21 PM EDT – this is the first Full Moon of 2020, and it is accompanied by a Lunar Eclipse, making it even more powerful and significant. The energy of the Cancer zodiac highlights emotions and intuition, and also promotes introspection. A Lunar Eclipse is a period for going within and taking a look at the ‘shadow self’ – the part of us that is often overlooked or brushed aside. As with all Full Moons, this is a time for pausing, appreciating, slowing down, and being present.


Lunar Eclipse Significance

A Lunar Eclipse always accompanies a Full Moon – this occurrence takes place when the Moon appears darkened, as it passes into the Earth’s shadow. This points us toward the ‘shadow self’, or the part or parts of us that may seem unloved, unworthy, or broken, generally overlooked or cast aside. The Moon reminds us here that this part of us is deserving of our love and attention, and that without the ‘shadow’, we cannot be whole and complete beings. Lunar Eclipses also promote breakthroughs, releasing limitations, pushing past barriers (real or perceived), and overall encourage an energy of release and letting go.


Emotional, Intuitive, Introspective

As stated in the intro, the Caner zodiac highlights emotions and intuition, calling for a period of introspection (this introspection is accentuated even more so with the Lunar Eclipse). The Moon also governs the Cancer zodiac, and just as a Full Moon generally heightens emotions, Cancer also encourages emotions; so it won’t be surprising if we find ourselves a bit more emotional and in touch with our feelings during this Full Moon. This is a good thing! Being deeply connected and in touch with our emotions actually promotes release, if we truly allow ourselves to feel. And since this Lunar Eclipse is calling for release, we are assisted by this Full Moon in Cancer to do just that with the help of our emotions. Being present with what we are feeling and what is coming up is greatly encouraged by this Full Moon, giving us an opportunity to let go of any energy within us that feels stuck or dense.

This is also an ideal time to really go within and listen to what our inner being is guiding us toward, supported by deeper intuition and inner knowing. The Full Moon also calls us to pause and appreciate, and with it being a New Year, many of us likely have been ridding ourselves recently of old energies, focusing our attention on new intentions, perspectives, and ways of being that we want to embody – so this is a time to take a moment to stop and appreciate all of the recent changes we have already made, along with the shift in our focus, as we have released that which is not serving us, so that we may continue to move into this period of deeper and more complete release with this first Full Moon of the year. As we allow our intuition to guide us into greater alignment with what we are called to do and how we want to be, what we no longer need will more naturally and easily fall away as we move into this alignment.

As pictured above, the Cancer zodiac is represented by the crab, which tends to be a hermit by nature. This Full Moon is giving us permission to embody our own hermit, as we create space, slow down, and go within to face our shadow selves, and more deeeply connect with our emotions and intuition, using them as guides for what is ready to be released, as well as what is ready to be realized and embodied. This is a period for nurturing ourselves and listening to what is calling to us from the inside. Resting and retreating serves us with release, and if we can honor this period, we are likely to emerge with fresh perspectives, new insights, and a deeper sense of freedom as we move ahead in this New Year!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


You must train your intuition. You must trust the small voice inside you which tells
you exactly what to say, what to decide. -Ingrid Bergman

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Capricorn New Moon (with Solar Eclipse): Determination, Focus, Growth

FullSizeRenderThe New Moon in Capricorn takes place this Thursday, December 26th at 12:12 AM EDT – this marks the beginning of the lunar cycle that will transition us from this year into the New Year (as well as into the new decade). This New Moon is also accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, accentuating the energy of a fresh start, new beginning, and bold change. The energy of Capricorn highlights the qualities of determination, focus, and growth, with an emphasis on the big picture moving forward. This is a significant and powerful New Moon during a time of transition, calling us into aligned action and conscious determination.

Solar Eclipse Significance

The Solar Eclipse that accompanies this New Moon enhances energy that is already one of starting anew, as the New Moon each month symbolizes. A Solar Eclipse brings with it the possibility for upheaval, but also offers an opportunity for major growth, bold beginnings, and a new path (don’t be surprised if this is an unexpected path)!

Determination, Focus, Growth

Capricorn energy calls us into determination – for many of us, determination may feel like resistance, incredible strength, and maybe even stubbornness (which it can be); however, if we flip our perspective with this and get to the root of the word – ‘determine’ – and think ‘I determine…’, it takes on a more empowering energy. ‘I determine where I am going.’ – ‘I determine what I believe.’ – ‘I determine what is best for me.’ Thinking of the word in this way provides more ease with the energy of determination and assists us to use it more consciously.

As this Capricorn New Moon is accompanied by a Solar Eclipse, we may be called into adjusting our current focus (remember the potential for some upheaval). This doesn’t mean we have to abandon everything that interests us and focus entirely on one thing, however, we may be at a crossroads and need to decide where we are going to focus the bulk of our energy and attention, espeically as we are moving into a New Year. We are being asked to focus on what we are truly wanting to cultivate and nurture, with an awareness of the big picture in mind. Capricorn really invites us into an awareness of the grander scheme of things, focusing our energy with it mind, so that we remember why we are doing what we are doing and where we are truly heading, not getting too bogged down with the little things, moving ahead with ‘aligned action’, and not wasting energy unnecessarily on things that don’t really benefit us or add to what we are creating.

With this shift in both awareness and focus, we invite in the potential for major growth, especially if we provide ourselves with the right amount of structure and discipline – not becoming too rigid or caught up in the details – establishing a solid foundation upon which to build and expand. Capricorn is about taking the non-tangible and making it tangible, manifesting through conscious creation, aligned action, and awareness of the path. This truly is a powerful time with a lot of energy available to assist us as we move through this time of transition!

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and a wonderful New Year!


“Alignment is about finding the feeling inside of the things we want and then deliberately choosing to create those feelings.” -Christie Inge

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