New Moon in Leo: Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression


The New Moon will take place in Leo this week on July 31st. With this new lunar cycle taking place in the sign of Leo, we may expect to feel quite a shift, as we have transitioned out of the more emotional, internal energy of Cancer, where the Sun and Moon were both positioned during last month’s New Moon. However, if we were able to use the Cancerian energy from last month to our advantage, by processing and clearing emotions, being present with what was arising to the surface, nurturing ourselves, and releasing any and everything that has been holding us back or that we no longer require,  it will have prepared us to step fully into this bright, bold, external energy of Leo!


Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression 

Leo energy asks us to really step into our authenticity, embracing our true inner selves, and gives us the confidence needed to bring that authentic self from an internal space out into the external world and expression of ourselves. The zodiac of Leo is represented by the lion in astrology – fierce, bold, proud – so this energy is asking us to not be afraid to claim that which is truly ours and fully move into our power! If we let go of any fears of how we are received or perceived by others, and place the most importance of living in authenticity and freedom, we strengthen the inner self and realize that how we feel matters more than how anyone else feels about us. 

This is an amazing energy to experience a New Moon in – if there is anything we feel we have been wanting to bring forth into our reality, this is the perfect period of time! As we set intentions for this New Moon, we are being asked to make them big and bold, without fear of how outlandish or impossible they may seem…realizing that nothing is impossible if we trust in ourselves and live our truth. The external is a reflection of the internal, so if we are able to get really clear on the inside about what we want to experience and bring forth, there is no external force that is able to stop us!

Opportunity, abundance, and love are all also closely associated with leo energy. If there is anything we have been wanting to share with the world, this is an ideal time to do so! Whether it be a project or just a more confident and genuine expression of who we truly are, we should embrace doing so now, trusting that through doing so, more of what we want to experience will materialize in our external reality, espeically as it relates to opportunity, abundance and love! The more we are able to step into our truth and live it and share it with those around us, the more we attract to us people, resources, and opportunities to assist us and that feel aligned with our purpose.

So let’s give ourselves some space during this New Moon on Wednesday…space to be and to tune in to who we truly are and what we really want to experience and bring forth in this life. As we align more and more closely with this energy, we are then able to set intentions from this place for the new lunar cycle, trusting that the more we move into alignment with our inner being and authentic self, the more we will manifest the life we most want to experience!


“The non-physical becomes the physical.” -Nadia Casperson 


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Welcome to Leo Season


On July 23rd, we officially enter Leo Season! It’s likely this will really feel like a breath of fresh air for many of us, especially as Leo season progresses into the month of August. We will be leaving Cancer season, a period of going more within, tapping into our intuition, nourishing and caring for ourselves, as well as processing and clearing emotions, often difficult ones at that – consider this a gift that has prepared us for our spectacular emergence into Leo energy! On August 1st, Mercury will be finishing up retrograde and going direct again, which also has likely been a challenging time for many of us. Jupiter also will be going direct again, coming out of its retrograde period later in August, on the 11th. As we have been experiencing more than a handful of planets in retrograde at the same time recently, with these two planets going direct once more, along with the Sun presenting in Leo, everything should start to feel a bit lighter and easier for many of us during this time…

Sun in Leo, July 23 – August 22

Welcome warm, bold, confident, energetic Leo! With the Sun here, we may expect to experience an intense, but very uplifting energy as we move later into the Summer season. This is an ideal period to come out of our shells, so to speak, exiting the very hermit-like energy of the Sun presenting in Cancer over the last month. It’s a time to shine, to be fiercely and unapologetically ourselves, to take action toward that which lights us up, and to be confident with all of it. This is not a time for second-guessing or questioning our intuition or our passions – we now have an opportunity to put ourselves out there, without fear of what others will think or say.

With Mercury going direct about a week after we enter into Leo season, we should expect for all things communication-related to become easier as well, coupling nicely with the Sun in this presentation, assisting us to share with others authentically, hopefully without any misunderstandings or mishaps. With Jupiter also going direct again as we get closer to mid-August, all things related to opportunities, exploration, expansion, and abundance should start to feel more aligned and easier as well. Just like Leo in the zodiac, the planet Jupiter is also very closely associated with confidence, what perfect timing for it to come out of retrograde!

With things aligning so fortuitously in the heavens, this is the time to really put ourselves out there, not being afraid to step into the life we want to create and experience! Nothing is holding us back, especially if we embrace the confident and bold energy being offered to us during this period. Anything that we have been waiting to put out there or share with others is now being asked to be brought forth, and this includes the most authentic versions of ourselves!



“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” -Maya Angelou 

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Capricorn Full Moon (with Partial Lunar Eclipse): Determination, Vision, Action


The Full Moon in Capricorn will take place on Tuesday, July 16th at approximately 9:38 PM EDT. In addition to this being the first Full Moon of the Summer season, it is also accompanied by a partial solar eclipse! This will be a powerful Full Moon, and an ideal time to really evaluate everything in our lives, both in our inner and outer worlds. This month’s Full Moon is asking us to dive deep in many ways, espeically as it is accompanied by this eclipse, but if we are willing to do the work and really examine what is going on below the surface, there is potential for great manifestation and an energetic shift in the months to come!

More on the Partial Lunar Eclipse

The Earth will partially obscure the Moon, as it will be between the Sun and the Moon during the Full Moon on July 16th, and the Earth’s shadow may cause the Moon to appear shades of red, gray, or brown. Lunar eclipses represent looking at the “shadow self”, and they are usually present a great opportunity for self-discovery. As stated above, if we are willing to do the work and dig past the surface of things, there is amazing potential for a breakthrough, letting go of limitations, and also moving on from something that has been holding us back.

Determination, Vision, Action

These aren’t included in the title just because! The zodiac of Capricorn is associated with strength, vision (especially long-term), determination, action, as well as manifestation. We are being assisted during this time, given the strength required to really look at aspects of ourseves and/or lives that may be difficult to face; once we do this, we are then able to create a new vision for ourselves, and with that new vision, take action in order to manifest it into our experience, and overcome any obstacles that may stand in our way!

This is also an ideal time to reflect back to the New Moon on January 5th at the start of this year. This New Moon was the first one of 2019, and it took place in the zodiac of Capricorn. Six months have past, and the New Moon in Capricorn would have been a powerful time for intention setting, as it was the first one of this year, and it was in this strong Capricorn energy. As we reflect back to our intentions at that time, we now have an opportunity to really evaluate and see if/how those intentions are now manifesting and unfolding in our lives. Full Moons are generally a time to expect manifestation from previously set intentions, noticing and appreciating them in their fullness. Do we feel that these intentions have now come to fruition in our lives? If so, we can really pause and appreciate them before creating the newest vision for ourselves or how we want to refine things even more. If we feel we are not seeing the manifestation of these intentions, it may be time to really get curious, dive deep, and receive clarity as to why they are not taking physical form. What do we need to adjust, release, or bring in to really bring about our desired reality?

Even though this may seem like a challenging energy, it really is one to be embraced, trusting that we are being given what we need during this time, in this powerful eclipse season. Capricorn energy feels very warrior-like at times; tough, determined, and powerful. It is an unstoppable force when all parts of it are received and utilized. As we allow ourselves to tune in to this energy, we may discover we are much more powerful than we ever realized!

Wishing you abundant Full Moon blessings during this eclipse season!




“If you focus on the obstacles, then you give them more power. Instead, focus on
your purpose, on your most authentic and fundamental intentions.” -Ralph


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Cancer New Moon (with total Solar Eclipse): Nurturing, Connection, Environment


The New Moon in Cancer will take place on Tuesday, July 2nd at approximately 7:16 PM EDT. In addition to this being the first New Moon of the Summer season, it is also accompanied by a total solar eclipse! With this being the first New Moon of the Summer season, this really is the perfect time for a fresh start, as New Moons are on their own anyway, and the total solar eclipse has the potential to bring new (and likely unexpected) possibilities and opportunities into our experience. The energy of this New Moon is very nurturing, thanks to Cancer, and connection (with ourselves, with others, and with our surroundings), as well as environment are also highlighted.


More on the Total Solar Eclipse 

During a total solar eclipse, the Moon totally obstructs the view of the Sun from Earth. The effect this has is one of enhancement of the already intense New Moon energy! The result is mostly positive, espeically if you use the energy in this way. This is a period of new beginnings, and you may find unexpected opportunities present themselves, possibly causing you to reconsider your current course and change direction, which does have the possibility to cause stress; however, if you are able to remain open, flexible, and present, you have the potential to receive answers to questions you have had for quite some time given to you, really assisting you with aligning to the ‘New’ energy, of this Moon, of this Summer season, and also the eclipse season we find ourselves in this month (as there will be a partial lunar eclipse during Capricorn’s Full Moon later this month).

Slowing Down

Cancer energy, in general, is one that much of the time, asks us to slow down. The Moon rules this zodiac, so yet another reason this New Moon may feel even more intense! It’s a time to connect – to ourselves, to others (espeically those we truly care for), and to our enviroment. It’s also a period for allowing ourselves to feel, and to even look at parts of our lives and/or selves that we may not want to look too closely at, which requires slowing down! Consider really taking a step back and evaluating your sense of connection to yourself, as well as everyone and everything around you. Are there areas you feel disconnection? How might you reconnect in these areas (if they are important to you)? Also consider your environment – that of your home, your workplace, the actual natural environment surrounding you, and the ‘inner’ environment of your being. Do these environments feel balanced and nurturing? If not, what action(s) might you take to create more balanced and nurturing environments for yourself? Use the insights you receive from this consideration to assist you with setting your intentions for this new lunar cycle! 

You may also find that by slowing down, you feel more ‘tuned in’ and are better able to receive what is trying to come through for you…being or keeping busy distracts us from what is (and likely has been) right in front of us! If you have been feeling you need an answer or a solution to a problem in some area of your life, it’s quite possible the answer lies within the problem, but this requires digging a little deeper sometimes, and not allowing fear of the problem to keep us from seeing the answer or solution. Slowing down and creating the space you need to receive these insights is a huge part of this New Moon. The fact that the Sun is also eclipsed during this New Moon, points toward looking more at the darkness, the parts of our lives and our selves that are usually overshadowed and that we try to keep buried. Give yourself permission to go into those dark spaces and find what is revealed there! Even if it is unexpected, it’s likely to give you the insight you are searching for in order to realize your new beginning.

Wishing you abundant New Moon blessings and a Summer filled with much connection and insight!


“For fast acting relief, try slowing down.” 

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June 21st: Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer, and Saturn Sextile Neptune

IMG_9937Friday, June 21st marks the beginning of the Summer season in the Northern Hemisphere with the Solstice taking place this day; and atrologically speaking, it’s also an important day, with the Sun transitioning from Gemini into Cancer, and Saturn is sextile Neptune this day as well. Read on to learn more about this significant date marking the start of a new season…

Summer Solstice

This day will give us the longest period of daylight all year…and this is also the day of the year the sun reaches its highest point in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. This special day invites us to appreciate the beauty all around us that has come to fruition during this recent Spring season, with the most daylight of any other day of the year to really assist us to take it all in and enjoy it! 

Sun in Cancer

The Sun also transitions into the sign of Cancer on this special Solstice day…and we are now heading into eclipse season, with a solar eclipse taking place during the New Moon on July 2nd and a lunar eclipse taking place during the Full Moon on July 16th. There will be more information about these eclipses coming soon with New and Full Moon posts I will publish in the coming weeks, but for now, Cancer season, apart from the eclipses, ushers in a period of emotional connection with others, heightened intuition, an emphasis on home life, and also a period for nurturing and supporting others, but even more so ourselves. 

This is an ideal time to really tune in to the abundance that has come in to our experience during this recent Spring season and enjoy it and allow it to nourish and nurture us as we now move into the Summer months. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel, to tune in, and to connect, bringing presence and awareness into our environment and also interactions and encounters with others. Cancer is a water sign, and we are now invited to experience more fluidity, letting go of rigid thoughts, patterns, and routines, placing more importance on “going with the flow” and really being with life and the parts of it that truly matter most!

Saturn Sextile Neptune 

Astrologically speaking, Neptune rules that which lies below the surface and is associated with the watery flow of creativity, and relates to dreams, fantasies, and delusions. On the flip side, Saturn is closely associated with structure, hard work, and discipline. And in astrology, a sextile is an aspect that forms when planets are two signs apart or separated by approximately 60 degrees – this creates something referred to a “sixth harmonic aspect”, which is a positive harmony between planets that brings in new pathways for growth and expansion. So this period brings in a lot of potential for Saturn’s discipline to give significance and structure to our dreams and for Neptune to give new meaning to our work and traditions – a time when both our spiritual and material pursuits harmonize and come into balance. This helps us feel that our dreams can and will come to fruition, material gains coming about from spiritual pursuits – an ideal time for self-reflection, meditation, and opening up to creative desires. A very appropriate sextile to occur on the same day the Sun moves into watery Cancer, as the Cancerian energy allows for a bit of slowing down, reflecting, and nurturing so that we are able to continue moving forward with action and presence with that which matters to us most.

These energies come together on a very special day, marking the start of the Solstice, setting the tone for the eclipses that will soon take place in July, and for that of the entire Summer season ahead. Let’s give ourselves permission to slow down, to feel, and to direct the energy that flows from doing so toward waking the dreams into reality! 

Wishing you a happy and abundant Summer Solstice!


“Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” -Lao Tzu

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