Gemini Full Moon: Curious, Observant, Communicative

IMG_9443The Full Moon in Gemini takes place on Thursday, December 12th at approximately 12:12 AM EDT – this marks the final Full Moon of the current calendar year, the last Full Moon we will experience, not only in this year, but also in this decade! The energy of Gemini is one of curiosity, observance, and communication. Gemini also has the potential to be quite unpredictable, and this Full Moon is providing us the perfect opportunity to review this entire past year, really observe and take in all of the changes and growth we have experienced, and find a meaningful way to communicate anything that we learn from doing so.

Curious, Observant, Communicative

There is a very curious energy that is associated with Gemini – a knack for being ‘in the know’, moving about easily and effortlessly, taking in new information and new perspectives at every turn. With the Full Moon presenting here later this week, this is an ideal period to really get curious about everything that is going on around and within us, especially as it relates to this past year, since as stated above, this is the final Full Moon of this year. The Full Moon is a time for pause and reflection, generally, so if we tune in to the energy of curiosity during a time of pause and reflection, we have the opportunity to receive clarity through the curiousity, reflecting back upon and reviewing where we have been over this past year, or even this past decade, determining where we are now, and using this energy to be excited about moving forward in the coming New Year (and new decade).

This Full Moon calls us to be observant, to let go of what we think we know or what we believe to be true, stepping outside of that for a little bit, in order to really take in what is. If we use the energy of presence that the Full Moon provides, we will have an easier time really taking in what is actually happening instead of what we believe is happening. This gives us access to new and different perspectives so that we may open up to new information and ways of being, enhancing the clarity that is available to us during this time.

Gemini is also the master communicator of the zodiac. Not only is there a knack for gathering and taking in new information, ideas, and perspectives, but there is a propensity for being able to share all of it in an open and meaningful way. Perhaps we create some space to journal about all that we have experienced over this past year, grounding it down through the act of writing – doing so may bring in new insights or ideas which we may be called to communicate and share with others. Even if we don’t feel the call to share what we discover now, it may be beneficial to use this information in the future. It’s even likely we may feel a desire to communicate in a way that we don’t normally do so or have an easier time communicating in general. If we pay attention to this, we may find that a lot opens up for us during this Full Moon, and there is ease in bringing the past, present, and future together.

Wishing all of you many Full Moon blessings during this final Full Moon of the year!

“Your curiosity is your growth point. Always.” -Danielle LaPorte

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Sagittarius New Moon: Optimism, Expansion, Truth

The New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on Tuesday, November 26th at approximately 10:05 AM EDT, marking the final FULL lunar cycle of 2019 (there will be one last New Moon for the year, late in December, but that lunar cycle will carry into the New Year). The energy of Sagittarius is one of optimism, expansion, and truth. This new lunar cycle is calling us into a space of looking ahead with optimism, pushing past any perceived limitations, and seeking truth (especially seeking to know and live our personal truth). This New Moon presents us with a final opportunity with what remains in this year to really reach for new dreams and exponential growth.

Optimism, Expansion, Truth

As we move into the final days of this year, this New Moon is moving us toward embracing radical optimism from the influence of Sagittarius, using lessons learned and experiences from this past year to assist us to energetically build upon what has went well, what has pleasantly surprised us, and what we have enjoyed this year. Through review and reflection over these things, focusing on the energy of optimism, we then have the capacity to carry this sense of optimism with us as we wind down this current year and prepare for the New Year just ahead!

Sagittarius is also about expansion (and so is the Moon), moving past any perceived or actual limitations, through focus on what is going well and what is working currently along our path. As we focus on how we feel and what we are passionate about and what is going well, we continue to build an energy that expands (rather than contracts). This expansion serves to open us up to new ideas, potentials, and possibilities, which is fun and exciting to think about as we are about to make a transition from one year to the next and are rounding out this year with the final lunar cycle which starts in Sagittarius.

And lastly, we are being called into deeper truth, especially our personal truth, as the Moon reminds us that what is true for one, isn’t necessarily true for all. This New Moon is especially asking us to move deeper into our intuition (our own inner knowing), as our intuition is strongly and intricately tied to our personal truth. As we discover more about what is true for us through going inward, we then have the capacity to really live this truth and embody it, living it from the inside out. Doing so assists us to finish off this year with a strong sense of embodiment and empowerment, knowing that we can carry this energy with us, not only as we move on from this year, but into the New Year!


“Optimism with some experience behind it is much more energizing than plain old experience with a certain degree of cynicism.” -Twyla Tharp

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Taurus Full Moon: Grounding, Nurturing, Sensuous

IMG_9036The Full Moon in Taurus takes place on Tuesday, November 12th at approximately 8:34 AM EDT, ushering in grounding, nurturing, and sensuous energy! This Full Moon calls us to slow down, to take in, to appreciate, and to be. Full Moons, in general, are periods for pausing and appreciating, but this one especially, presenting in Taurus, asks us to do so! As we are also nearing the end of this year, taking this time to slow down, to reflect, and to appreciate all that has transpired and manifested seems even more appropriate.


Grounding, Nurturing, Sensuous

Taurus is an Earth sign, one that supports connection with the physical senses and plane.  A Full Moon presenting in Taurus encourages a deep sense of grounding and tuning into physical feelings, senses, and pleasures, slowing down to really be present with our physical experience in every aspect. This energy is one of nurturing, both body and soul, and through this ‘down to Earth’ energy, we have the opportunity to lean into the simple pleasures of life and cultivate a sense of comfort and enjoyment, appreciating our experience fully and connecting with everything and everyone that feels like home.

Taking time to pause and reflect on this past year is also very appropriate during this Full Moon, and through this reflection, using the Moon’s illumination, truly appreciating all that has taken place, all that has been learned, as well as every experience and manifestation. This requires slowing down, being, and intentionally reviewing this year, espeically all that has come to fruition over the past six months when the New Moon took place in the zodiac of Taurus. With this reflection, we may ask ourselves, ‘What am I currently enjoying that I wasn’t experiencing only six months ago?’ And ‘What have I created for myself over this past year that I intentionally set about to cultivate and experience?’ With these questions, we should pay attention to how we feel emotionally and energetically when we answer them and focus on any feelings that create joy, warmth, and satisfaction from within ourselves, to fully benefit from the energy of this Taurus Full Moon!

As stated previously, Taurus fosters tuning into the sensuous side of our experience – physical feelings and pleasures. By doing so, we have the capacity to more deeply connect with ourselves, with others, and with the Earth. This Full Moon is calling us to greater presence through our physical senses, really taking in and being with every feeling and physical experience, fully appreciating each moment in a mindful way. During this time, it’s beneficial to focus on enjoying the comforts of our home environment and those we share it with, as well as being with and enjoying time with those we are closest to, nurturing those deep connections. As long as we intentionally place our focus on what we are enjoying and what feels good, it’s likely we will receive the optimum benefits from this Full Moon!

Wishing you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Practice presence – embrace the place where life happens.” -Eckhart Tolle 

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Scorpio New Moon: Intuition, Depth, Clarity

IMG_9037The New Moon in Scorpio takes place on Sunday, October 27th at approximately 11:38 PM EDT. This New Moon will highlight the energies of inuition, depth, and clarity, in particular. It feels really appropriate to experience the start of a new lunar cycle under the influence of Scorpio – as the New Moon phase is one of fresh starts and new perspectives, we really have an opportunity to dive deep (if we are willing) in order to take a look at things that may be difficult to face, possibly confronting our shadow side or aspect. While this may seem daunting for many of us, we are being assisted with this lunar presentation in Scorpio, and through doing so, we may discover things about ourselves that will really give us new insights and perspectives as we welcome this New Moon.

Intuition, Depth, Clarity 

As we allow ourselves to dive deep with the assistance of this Scorpio Moon placement, we may also find that doing so assists us to more deeply connect with our own intuition (another prominent characteristic of not only Scorpio, but also the Moon – so this New Moon will particularly highlight inuition). We are being called to temporarily shut out the rest of the world, in order to go within ourselves and really access the depth of our intuition – what we know to be true for ourselves, without the interference of anyone or anything else. That’s why, with this New Moon in particular, it will be important that  we create space for ourselves to do this inner exploration. 

Although it may not be an easy task to look at what faces us when we dive deep into the depths of our intuition and who we are at a soul level, doing so presents us with an opportunity to gain/receive much clarity. As we understand ourselves more intimately, as well as challenges that face us, we are then able to work with these perceived challenges, instead of feeling like they are working against us. Instead of looking at them as ‘challenges’, we have a chance to flip our perception and experience them as ‘gifts’.

And what might we do with all of this new-found clarity and discovered gifts? As it’s a New Moon, setting our intentions for the new lunar cycle is the perfect place to start! After doing this inner work, we may ask ourselves, what is really standing out here to me? What am I now recognizing as a gift that I may work with instead of a challenge that is working against me? How might I use these gifts to more fully align with who I am and what I am here to do? What direction is my intuition telling me to move in at this time? As we answer these questions for ourselves, it’s quite likely our intentions will take form from our answers – and from there we have a solid foundation to build on during this new lunar cycle.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


“Inuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why.” – Sylvia Clare 

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Aries Full Moon: Determination, Passion, Independence

IMG_8495The Full Moon in Aries takes place this Sunday, October 13th at approximately 5:07 PM EDT, and marks the first Full Moon of the Autumn season. The energy of Aries highlights the qualities of determination, passion, and independence, and under the influence of a Full Moon, there is a call for pausing, appreciating, and shedding light on our emotions. As we take time to pause and appreciate all that we have experienced and manifested in the recently past Summer season, we also are called to tune in to our emotions in order to assist us to work with the energy of determination, passion, and independence along our personal path, and move into the final months of the year with a strong sense of confidence and empowerment.


Determination, Passion, Independence

In the zodiac, Aries is a strong, bold, fiery energy – with this energy, a lot of determination is present. Aries does not like to feel held back or like there is anything standing in the way. A Full Moon presenting in Aries is very powerful – with the Moon’s full illumination present, the determination of Aries energy is heightened even more! During this period, we may feel a strong sense of confidence, coupled with determination, as well as a strong knowing and feeling that nothing will stand in our way as we move forward into the final months of this year. We are able to simultaneously pause and appreciate where we have been over the course of this year, and all that has come as result, while also experiencing a sense of clarity about where we are headed and the direction our path is currently heading. 

It’s likely that this confident determination will spark a sense of passion in many of us during this Full Moon – a strong desire to continue moving ahead toward what we really want to feel and experience in our reality. We may even feel physically energized, igniting more of this passionate response, especially if we have created a lot of momentum during this past year in the direction of our dreams. We may feel like we are really on the brink of some big breakthroughs, as well as able to appreciate all that we have brought to fruition up until this point, realizing how it all ties together.

This Full Moon in Aries also brings a great focus to independence. Aries energy does not like to wait around for anyone else to decide or give input – there is a call for clear action and forward movement, independently. Aries recognizes that while it is valid in some situations to seek outside advice or direction, that the true answers always lie within, not without. As the Full Moon phase also typically heightens emotions, we would do well to really pay attention to how we feel during this powerful Full Moon, appreciating that our feelings are our internal guidance system, and if we really listen to them, we cannot go wrong, and that our feelings really lead us deeper into independence. We do not need anyone or anything outside of us to tell us or indicate to us what to do or where to go, our feelings will guide the way if we allow them to do so!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

“Independence is loyalty to one’s best self and principles, and this is often disloyalty to the general idols and fetishes.” -Mark Twain

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