Pisces Full Moon: Intuition, Creativity, Self-Appreciation


The Full Moon in Pisces will take place this Saturday, September 14th at approximately 12:32 AM EDT – the final Full Moon of the Summer season, taking place just a little over a week before the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd! The energy of this Full Moon is likely to heighten both emotions and intuition, something Full Moons tend to do anyway, but especially influenced by the energy of Pisces, which also typically enhances both. This Full Moon will ask us to embrace our intuition, connect with our creativity, and really pause and use its illumination to appreciate ourselves and all that we have accomplished and experienced over the Summer season.

Intuition, Creativity, Self-Appreciation

Intuition will likely be very heightened for most of us leading up to, as well as during this Full Moon! This is an ideal period to really create some space for ourselves to ‘tune in’, listening to and following any intuitive guidance or insights we receive, especially as we are moving into the transition from Summer to Fall, a time where the veil begins to thin, so to speak, and we usually have greater access to the non-physical realms. We would do well to lean into trusting ourselves and our guidance, also protecting our energy in any way we need to, not out of fear, but out of love for ourselves and for all that we are connected to as well. 

This is also an amazing opportunity to connect with our creativity, especially if our intuition leads us more deeply into it! The Piscean energy here is directing us to ‘go with the flow’ of our creative urges, which may even offer solutions to problems we feel we have been experiencing recently or haven’t been able to quite figure out. This energy of the Full Moon brings illumination, and it’s very likely that a Pisces Full Moon will bring this illumination about through a creative spark!

Full Moons are typically also a time for pausing and appreciating, and with this one presenting in Pisces, which provides a more internal focus and energy, this Full Moon is definitely calling us into self-appreciation, pausing to appreciate who we are, as well as all that we have experienced and accomplished over this Summer season, which will soon be coming to an end! This is another good reason for us to create some space for ourselves, to go within, to reflect, and really appreciate where we have been and what we have brought to fruition over this Summer season. By doing so, we will hopefully receive renewed energy and focus as the energy of nature, and our own energy, begins to shift as we enter the Fall season!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings that will continue into the Equinox!



“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrea Dykstra 

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Virgo New Moon: Observation, Refinement, Precision


The New Moon in Virgo takes place on Friday, August 30th at approximately 6:37 AM EDT – this is the final New Moon of the Summer season! The energy here is calling for thorough observation, from which we will be able to really refine certain areas and aspects of our lives, moving into more precision with every thought we have, word we speak, and action we take. This New Moon is really asking us to release everything that that has been limiting, has not been serving, has been holding us back, or causing us to feel small, so that we may move into greater expansion, while remaining grounded in who we truly are.


Observation, Refinement, Precision

This Virgo energy of observation and intense attention to detail will really assist us in taking a step back and taking in the big picture of where we have been, where we are currently, as well as where we are headed along our path. From this place, we are able to ‘clean up’ what we no longer need by addressing that it’s there, and then ‘clear space’ by ridding ourselves of whatever that happens to be, remembering that by clearing space, we then invite what is trying to enter into our experience, that which will more greatly assist us along our path and bring us closer to the reality we desire. This feels like a very appropriate energy for the final New Moon of the Summer season, giving us the opportunity to really release what is no longer needed from this season we have been in, as we move ever closer to the Equinox next month and the start of the Autumn season. 

Once we have really taken stock of our current reality and experience through this observation and have released what we no longer require, we then have the information we need in order to refine or fine-tune what is working for us and bring greater focus to it, in order to enhance our experience. Virgo is also very hard-working and tends toward perfectionism, so be careful not to get caught up in the trap of making or having everything be ‘perfect’! There are some areas where this certainly may be achieved, but hopefully not at the expense of true alignment and happiness. If something begins to feel too restricting or rigid, it likely means that we are going too far with something. Remember to also tap into the grounding energy offered by Virgo, remaining ‘down to Earth’, so to speak, and appreciate that not everything about this human experience can or always will be perfect, enjoying the imperfection of it all as much as possible, realizing that this ‘imperfection’ gives us room to grow. Refine what you are able to here and now, and then let the rest go!

As the New Moon is ideally a phase of setting intentions for the new lunar cycle, this is an ideal opportunity for us to get really precise about our intentions! What are we really wanting to hone in on during this period, what are we really wanting to bring forth into our experience? This Virgo energy will facilitate us really identifying what that is and grounding it into reality. Consider writing down your intentions once you are clear on them, as a way of grounding them, and also as a way to return to them throughout this lunar cycle. As we remember how powerful we are, as well as how powerful our intentions are, we bring more energy to what it is we are working to create in our lives.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and joyous end to the Summer season!



“Like seeds on the wind, our intentions spread far and wide, unfurling their power as they go, until they find the environment balanced just right for our dreams to take root and begin to grow.” -Cristian Rodgers

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Aquarius Full Moon: Observation, Power, Freedom

The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place on Thursday, August 15th at 8:29 AM EDT. An Aquarius Full Moon marks a period of observation, power, and freedom, especially as they tie in to the collective. Any intentions we set during the most recent New Moon in Leo on July 31st are beginning to take form, and at this point in time, we have likely had an opportunity to step back from them a bit, evaluate them in greater depth, and refine and adjust them as necessary. This is our opportunity to continue to observe them coming into form, with the Full Moon completely illuminating their progress and/or fruition. With this illumination and observation, we are then able to become really clear on what is unfolding, derive greater power from that, which will ultimately bring about even greater freedom…

Observation, Power, Freedom

Aquarius tends to have a very unattached quality when it comes to emotions, so even though Full Moons tend to heighten emotions, this one may feel less emotionally intense this time around! Instead, this Full Moon phase is really asking us to step back, get out of the emotional body a bit, observe what is really taking place within, and especially around us, and determine how we can use what we discover by doing so to usher in greater power and freedom in our lives, not only on an individual level, but at a collective level as well. By leaning into this energy of ‘unattachment’, especially as it relates to emotions, we are able to get out of our own way, and receive greater clarity as to what is actually taking place and how to proceed.

This is also an ideal time to pause and appreciate how far we have come, all that we have accomplished, and the great manifestations that are currently unfolding. So much of the time, we just want to keep moving forward, not taking a moment to appreciate what we are experiencing in the perpetual now. This Full Moon is calling for us to be present enough to do just that…appreciate what we are observing and experiencing, knowing that our capacity for appreciating our lives as they are right now are an indicator of how fully we will appreciate anything that is to come.

Awareness is also a key concept with an Aquarius Full Moon…how much awareness do we currently have regarding the areas of our relationships, our ‘work’, our life path? And are we aware of how all of these areas at an individual level are ultimately influencing and helping to shape the collective? It becomes so easy to allow ourselves to become bogged down with being ‘in it’ from day to day, but it’s also beneficial to take this step back, when the energy is calling for it, and use our powers of observation, strengthen our awareness through this observation, and from there evaluate and refine all of these different areas. Through working with this energy, much-needed clarity is received, and the feelings of power and freedom shine through with this Full Moon!

“When you decide to step into your full power, the highest version of you is there to meet you.” -Nadia Casperson

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New Moon in Leo: Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression


The New Moon will take place in Leo this week on July 31st. With this new lunar cycle taking place in the sign of Leo, we may expect to feel quite a shift, as we have transitioned out of the more emotional, internal energy of Cancer, where the Sun and Moon were both positioned during last month’s New Moon. However, if we were able to use the Cancerian energy from last month to our advantage, by processing and clearing emotions, being present with what was arising to the surface, nurturing ourselves, and releasing any and everything that has been holding us back or that we no longer require,  it will have prepared us to step fully into this bright, bold, external energy of Leo!


Authenticity, Confidence, Self-Expression 

Leo energy asks us to really step into our authenticity, embracing our true inner selves, and gives us the confidence needed to bring that authentic self from an internal space out into the external world and expression of ourselves. The zodiac of Leo is represented by the lion in astrology – fierce, bold, proud – so this energy is asking us to not be afraid to claim that which is truly ours and fully move into our power! If we let go of any fears of how we are received or perceived by others, and place the most importance of living in authenticity and freedom, we strengthen the inner self and realize that how we feel matters more than how anyone else feels about us. 

This is an amazing energy to experience a New Moon in – if there is anything we feel we have been wanting to bring forth into our reality, this is the perfect period of time! As we set intentions for this New Moon, we are being asked to make them big and bold, without fear of how outlandish or impossible they may seem…realizing that nothing is impossible if we trust in ourselves and live our truth. The external is a reflection of the internal, so if we are able to get really clear on the inside about what we want to experience and bring forth, there is no external force that is able to stop us!

Opportunity, abundance, and love are all also closely associated with leo energy. If there is anything we have been wanting to share with the world, this is an ideal time to do so! Whether it be a project or just a more confident and genuine expression of who we truly are, we should embrace doing so now, trusting that through doing so, more of what we want to experience will materialize in our external reality, espeically as it relates to opportunity, abundance and love! The more we are able to step into our truth and live it and share it with those around us, the more we attract to us people, resources, and opportunities to assist us and that feel aligned with our purpose.

So let’s give ourselves some space during this New Moon on Wednesday…space to be and to tune in to who we truly are and what we really want to experience and bring forth in this life. As we align more and more closely with this energy, we are then able to set intentions from this place for the new lunar cycle, trusting that the more we move into alignment with our inner being and authentic self, the more we will manifest the life we most want to experience!


“The non-physical becomes the physical.” -Nadia Casperson 


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Welcome to Leo Season


On July 23rd, we officially enter Leo Season! It’s likely this will really feel like a breath of fresh air for many of us, especially as Leo season progresses into the month of August. We will be leaving Cancer season, a period of going more within, tapping into our intuition, nourishing and caring for ourselves, as well as processing and clearing emotions, often difficult ones at that – consider this a gift that has prepared us for our spectacular emergence into Leo energy! On August 1st, Mercury will be finishing up retrograde and going direct again, which also has likely been a challenging time for many of us. Jupiter also will be going direct again, coming out of its retrograde period later in August, on the 11th. As we have been experiencing more than a handful of planets in retrograde at the same time recently, with these two planets going direct once more, along with the Sun presenting in Leo, everything should start to feel a bit lighter and easier for many of us during this time…

Sun in Leo, July 23 – August 22

Welcome warm, bold, confident, energetic Leo! With the Sun here, we may expect to experience an intense, but very uplifting energy as we move later into the Summer season. This is an ideal period to come out of our shells, so to speak, exiting the very hermit-like energy of the Sun presenting in Cancer over the last month. It’s a time to shine, to be fiercely and unapologetically ourselves, to take action toward that which lights us up, and to be confident with all of it. This is not a time for second-guessing or questioning our intuition or our passions – we now have an opportunity to put ourselves out there, without fear of what others will think or say.

With Mercury going direct about a week after we enter into Leo season, we should expect for all things communication-related to become easier as well, coupling nicely with the Sun in this presentation, assisting us to share with others authentically, hopefully without any misunderstandings or mishaps. With Jupiter also going direct again as we get closer to mid-August, all things related to opportunities, exploration, expansion, and abundance should start to feel more aligned and easier as well. Just like Leo in the zodiac, the planet Jupiter is also very closely associated with confidence, what perfect timing for it to come out of retrograde!

With things aligning so fortuitously in the heavens, this is the time to really put ourselves out there, not being afraid to step into the life we want to create and experience! Nothing is holding us back, especially if we embrace the confident and bold energy being offered to us during this period. Anything that we have been waiting to put out there or share with others is now being asked to be brought forth, and this includes the most authentic versions of ourselves!



“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” -Maya Angelou 

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