Scorpio New Moon: Emotional, Intuitive, Transformative

We experience a New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, November 15th at approximately 12:07 AM EDT – this particular New Moon heighten energies that are emotional, intuitive, and transformative, thanks to the influence of Scorpio. This new lunar cycle provides us with an opportunity to deep dive within and to allow what we discover there to transform us and bring us greater clarity as it relates to what we desire and want to experience.

Emotional, Intuitive, Transformative

We have already been experiencing the energy of Scorpio during these last several weeks with the Sun in Scorpio. This New Moon will heighten Scorpio’s energies even more so than what we have already been experiencing. The New Moon phase, in general, is an ideal period to go within, to release, and to establish intentions for the new lunar cycle. With the Moon presenting in Scorpio during this New Moon phase, this will be accentuated even more. Scorpio is one of the water signs of the zodiac, and therefore heightens emotions and intuition. It’s quite possible that if we create the space for ourselves to go within leading up to and during this New Moon, that we may discover a lot surfacing for us as it relates to our emotions and intuition. This is ultimately for our benefit, as it provides an opportunity to release and clear anything that is not serving us through tuning in to what is emotionally and intuitively present for us. And when we do this inner work and allow this process to unfold, it has the potential to provide for us a greater sense of clarity, particularly as it relates to what we desire. After all, our emotions are our internal compass, or GPS, and they are there to assist us and to guide us toward what our Inner Being already knows is right for us.

The energy of Scorpio also strongly correlates to cycles (think birth/life/death/rebirth) – it’s quite possible that during this Scorpio season, many of us have already been experiencing certain cycles or patterns showing back up or repeating in our lives. Scorpio reminds us that life is cyclical, and that we will continue to revisit certain things and experiences until we have learned from them what we need to learn. This is in order for us to grow and expand, and assists us to transform from the inside out. The more we resist this, the longer we experience this process and continue to revisit and repeat certain circumstances and experiences. There is nothing right or wrong about this, and we are the ones who ultimately choose how long certain patterns continue in our lives. We are the ones that hold our own power, which is another reminder from Scorpio.

This is a powerful New Moon, and we are being called to create the space we need for ourselves to do the inner work in order to more fully step into and embody who we are from the inside out, from a place of knowing and feeling, from a place of experiencing the strength of our own power. This New Moon initiates the new lunar cycle that also offers us a lunar eclipse during the Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th – both the New and Full Moon during this upcoming lunar cycle are going to be incredible opportunities for us to grow, shift, and expand beyond anything we have so far experienced, as long as we go within, focus on how we feel, and allow these feelings to guide us from the inside out.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

‘Self-transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.’ -Jaggi Vasudev

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Taurus Full Moon: Grounded, Sensuous, Decisive

We experience the Full Moon in the zodiac sign of Taurus on Saturday, October 31st at approximately 10:49 AM EDT. This marks the second Full Moon during the month of October, as we experienced the last one earlier this month on October 1st, making this particular Full Moon what is referred to as a ‘Blue Moon’. During this Full Moon, energies that are grounded, sensuous, and decisive will be at play, thanks to the influence of Taurus. We are invited to be present and to fully enjoy the physical aspects of our experience.

Grounded, Sensuous, Decisive

Taurus is one of the Earth signs of the zodiac, which provides a lot of grounding energy. There is a deeper sense of connection with not only the Earthly plane, but our physical senses as well. Earth signs really promote presence, which will be especially true during this Full Moon phase, as Full Moons are also an invitation into deeper presence and clarity. We are encouraged to enjoy this sense of grounding and to do things that will accentuate it. As we lean into greater grounding, this assists us to move into alignment with what truly feels right for us during this time.

The energy of Taurus also promotes a strong connection to our physical senses, and is an ideal time to really enjoy simple pleasures. What feels good? What feels comforting? What is nourishing? What brings you more fully into the now? This Full Moon calls us to be with these questions and to foster these feelings in our experience. As we enjoy life through our physical senses, this is another opportunity to facilitate a sense of grounding and be completely present.

There is also a decisive quality to Taurus, with a tendency to even lean toward being stubborn. There is a knowing of what is wanted and desired, and it sticks. During this Full Moon, we may experience a greater sense of decisiveness in our own lives, as it relates to our personal path. Full Moons are also typically a period of heightened clarity, which will likely be even more so the case this time around with the decisive influence from Taurus. Anything that has possibly been feeling confusing or that we have had uncertainty surrounding has the potential to be cleared, as we lean in to this clarity and use this decisive energy. This Full Moon is a reminder that we are worthy and deserving of what we desire, and that when we not only know this but feel this to be true, there is potential for great shifts to take place in our experience.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

‘A desire never fulfills, it multiplies. A desire never ends, it changes.’ – Unknown

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Libra New Moon: Balance, Appreciation, Harmony

We experience the New Moon in Libra on Friday, October 16th at approximately 3:30 PM EDT – this New Moon will initiate the first full lunar cycle of the Autumn season, and energies related to balance, appreciation, and harmony will be quite prevalent, thanks to the influence of Libra. We are invited to pause, reflect, and feel into every aspect of our lives in order to notice how balanced it all feels (or not), and then set intentions for this new lunar cycle from a place of feeling centered and wanting to create greater balance and harmony.

Balance, Appreciation, Harmony

When it comes to balance, it is important to remember that it is something that we actually create – it is not something we just ‘find’ or stumble upon! It is also beneficial to evaluate how balanced we feel, not only with our outer world/reality, but also as it relates to our inner world and experience. If we are not feeling centered and balanced from within, then it is unlikely that our outer experience will feel balanced. The New Moon is an ideal time to go more inward, to release anything that is no longer needed, and to create space for ourselves. As we do this during this particular New Moon in Libra, we have an opportunity to tune in to how balanced (or not) things are feeling for us right now, and then set intentions, as necessary, in order to create and experience overall greater balance as we move into this new lunar cycle.

The energy of Libra also encourages appreciation – appreciation of ourselves, of others, of recent manifestations, of the beauty surrounding us. Have we been creating the space necessary to appreciate all that we are enjoying as our experience unfolds? Also, as this is the first full lunar cycle of Autumn, we have a chance to reflect over the recent Summer season and appreciate all that has recently come to fruition and manifested for us, ensuring that we take stock of all of it before moving ahead more fully into this new season we are experiencing.

And of course, when Libra is involved, relationships are also a large focus – this is true not only for the relationships we have with others, but also the relationship we have with ourselves. In order to experience the balance and harmony that we desire, we must have a strong relationship with ourselves and create space for ourselves to be, to enjoy, to appreciate. If we focus solely on others and our outer experience, we usually just ended up depleting our energy, move away from our center, and things have a tendency to become more chaotic in our lives. So during this New Moon, we are encouraged to draw a bit more inward, shut out many of the outside distractions, check in with ourselves, evaluate our current experience to determine how balanced and harmonious it feels, and then move forward from there, knowing that we have the power to create whatever it is we desire, in a way that facilitates balance and harmony.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. -Jana Kingsford

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Virgo New Moon: Steady, Attentive, Precise

We experience the New Moon, presenting in the zodiac of Virgo, on Thursday, September 17th, 2020 at approximately 7 AM EDT. This marks the final New Moon of the Summer season, and will be the beginning of the lunar cycle that will transition us from the Summer into the Autumn season (in the Northern Hemisphere), taking place just days before the Autumnal Equinox. This New Moon, under the influence of Virgo, will provide energies that are steady, attentive, and precise. This is truly the perfect opportunity for us to tie up any loose ends and release anything that we do not want to bring with us into this new lunar cycle or into the upcoming Autumn season.

Steady, Attentive, Precise

The Sun has already been in Virgo for some weeks now, and even though Virgo season is about to come to an end, we still have this New Moon in Virgo taking place before Libra season begins. The energy of Virgo is steady, attentive, grounding, hard-working, and precise. The New Moon phase is a period for final release, setting intentions for the new cycle, and starting anew. Virgo’s influence here complements the New Moon beautifully, especially a New Moon that initiates a lunar cycle that will transition us from one season to another. We are being called to tie up loose ends, as well as release anything we no longer need to hold on to or carry, so that we may free up energy for the new cycle and new season ahead. Virgo provides steady energy that will assist us to do this and also help us to feel and stay grounded while we make this transition.

Virgo is attentive, with a knack for details and refinement. There isn’t room to be sloppy or overlook things, and this is the case with this New Moon. We have an opportunity to really hone in on that which needs to be tended to, be provided with the steady, grounding energy required to do so, wrap things up and release them, as well as set our intentions for the new lunar cycle and Autumn season. It may even be beneficial to reflect a bit over the Summer season, if we haven’t already, to assist us to determine what it is we need to release, as well as where we are now ready to shift our focus, and tune into what we are desiring to experience.

The energy of Virgo is also precise – leaning greatly toward perfection. We are being invited to bring this energy of precision into our lives during this time so that we may fine-tune and refine anything that we need to in order to move forward. Where have we been allowing our energy to be drained? Are we misusing our energy in some way? Where do we need to create shifts in order to bring more of what we desire into our experience? This New Moon will assist us to accurately answer these questions, reflect upon our answers, and then set intentions for this new cycle that match the energy of our answers. Virgo also provides a powerful manifesting energy, so anything that we focus upon now and set intentions around has the potential to become very grounded in our future reality. We only need to bring awareness to our situation through the lens of Virgo – with steadiness, attention, and precision – in order to tap into this manifesting energy. This is a significant period for transition and shifting, and we will likely find that, the more we lean into it and embrace the energies available to us, the easier it will be to remain focused and feel grounded.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings and a beautiful time of transition!

Precision is, after all, not only a form of responsibility and a kind of pleasure, but an instrument of compassion. To be precise requires care, time, and attention to the person, place, or process being described. -Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

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Pisces Full Moon: Emotional, Intuitive, Creative

We experience the final Full Moon of the Summer season on Wednesday, September 2nd (1:21 AM EDT). This Full Moon will present in the zodiac of Pisces, providing strong emotional, intuitive, and creative energies. With Full Moons typically being a period of heightened emotions anyway, this particular one may really cause emotions to surface, especially related to anything we haven’t been dealing with or wanting to face. Full Moons are also a wonderful opportunity for reflection, and this one will be especially so, as it is the final Full Moon of Summer, inviting us to look back over this season and evaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed (with the Sun in Virgo currently, this energy of reflection and evaluation will be especially prevalent).

Emotional, Intuitive, Creative

Pisces is one of the water signs of the zodiac, offering a very cleansing and clearing energy, doing so especially through connection with our emotions. Our emotions are ‘energy in motion’ and allow us to embody what we are feeling, if we allow ourselves to do so. Through this feeling, we allow energy to flow and move as it needs to, which will ultimately benefit us. If we keep ourselves from feeling and facing what is going on within us, we end up blocking the flow of energy and can feel and be stuck or stagnate. This Full Moon is encouraging us to lean into our emotions, riding the waves wherever they may take us, trusting that it will truly be for our benefit.

There is also a lot of intuitive energy when it comes to Pisces – a knowing, a feeling, a sensing – not necessarily being able to explain in a way that others will understand. It comes from within and is strengthened through connection with our inner being. Pisces invites us to more fully and deeply connect with our inner being, our intuition, and listen to that voice within, trusting that it will not lead us astray. It may be beneficial to ask, ‘How has my connection with my inner being been over this last season?’ ‘Am I listening to my inner voice?’ ‘What is my intuition currently communicating to me that I’ve possibly been avoiding?’ This Full Moon in Pisces is calling us to dive deep into the waters of our inner being, to cultivate our intuition in more meaningful ways, and to allow what is revealed to us through doing so to stir within us a desire to live life from the inside-out.

Pisces also has the capacity to ignite much creativity within us, particularly through going within and getting more in touch with our emotions and intuition. Through doing so, we establish a bridge to the creativity that is already within us, and there can be a lot of creative energy and insight that comes through during a Pisces Moon. With this being a Full Moon (and the final one of Summer), it may also be a good time to to reflect on our creative lives over this past season. Have we been cultivating our creativity? Are we paying attention to our creative insights and urges? What have we created over this past season that we are carrying with us and continuing to build upon?

As we enter this period of transition, between seasons, between worlds, this Full Moon in Pisces is providing us with the support we need so that we may flow from one to the next and be carried from what has been to what will be, with our emotions, intuition, and creativity with us – to inform us, to guide us, to strengthen and soften us.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ -Pablo Picasso

Zodiac artwork: @nicoledebarber (Instagram) – Also consider checking out her website,– This artwork has been commissioned by the author of this blog and all images are subject to copyright law.

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