Gemini New Moon: Curious, Open, Expressive


We experience the New Moon in Gemini on Friday, May 22nd at approximately 1:38 PM EDT – this New Moon marks the beginning of the final lunar cycle of the Spring season. As this New Moon is under the influence of Gemini, energies of openness, curiosity, and expression will be significant. Gemini is one of the air signs of the zodiac, which assists to create a lot of space, especially mentally and emotionally, so that we may remain open, while also feeling free to explore our curiosity and authentically express ourselves and what we are discovering.

Curious, Open, Expressive

Of course, the New Moon phase is a period when we are encouraged to go more within ourselves, release anything we do not want to bring into the new lunar cycle, and start afresh. With this also being the final New Moon of Spring, this is also an ideal time to reflect over this Spring season, in order to identify what we have learned, where we have grown, and what direction we are currently moving in during this time. There is a calling to use the influence of Gemini to open up and get curious about what is going on both within us and around us through our observations and experiences. Through doing so, we increase our capacity to learn and grow as we connect and integrate new information that has the possibility to create shifts from the inside out.

As mentioned above, the air quality of Gemini assists with creating more space for us, both mentally and emotionally. This will likely be beneficial for many of us during this New Moon, as we won’t be so heavily weighed down by our emotions, and instead are able to embrace our curiosity and desire to express ourselves in ways that feel good to us. This greater space and openness will also encourage an increased capacity to be with new experiences and perspectives, observing them and learning from them. As we do so, we may also discover things about ourselves that we may have previously been unaware of or didn’t consider to be significant.

Gemini energy is also significantly tied to communication and expression. As we open up and explore our curiosity, we are also encouraged to communicate and express new observations, ideas, and perspectives. This is an ideal time to follow any nudges we receive as it relates to communicating, sharing, and expressing, doing so in ways that feel right and aligned for us during this time. We are reminded that we have a unique and valid perspective, and that we should share it in ways that feel authentic to us when we feel called to do so. As we reflect over this Spring season, this New Moon in Gemini is also a perfect opportunity to remain curious about what is taking place within us and to explore that as deeply as we would like, perhaps through reflective journaling or through any other means that assist us to communicate with our inner being and allow that part of us to be expressed. Working with the energy of this New Moon provides us a chance to shift into a new paradigm, one where we completely embrace truth and freedom, allowing them to point us in the direction that is right for us.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

“The future belongs to the curious. The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out.” -Unknown 

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Scorpio Full Moon: Dualistic, Emotional, Intuitive

IMG_7512We experience a Full Moon in Scorpio on Thursday, May 7th at approximately 6:45 AM EDT – this particular Full Moon will highlight dualistic, emotional, and intuitive energies thanks to the zodiac of Scorpio, where the Moon presents. This is an opportunity for us to bring darkness to the light, working with our ‘shadow’, and feel fuller and more complete within ourselves because of it. This Full Moon offers a period for us to recognize that the light and the dark are really one, opposite ends of the same spectrum, if you will, and without one, the other cannot be.


Dualistic, Emotional, Intuitive 

The energy surrounding Scorpio is one that really assists us to get in touch with our emotions and intuition. It asks us to dive deep within ourselves and take an honest look at what we discover there – the painful, the messy – the parts of ourselves that we like to pretend don’t exist, our ‘shadow’, if you will. The Full Moon phase also tends to heighten emotions and intuition, and this will be especially true of this Full Moon, as it presents in Scorpio (also true when it presents in any water sign of the zodiac). We are being called to embrace this as a gift, and appreciate all of the parts of ourselves that make us whole, that make us feel full and complete. And to do that requires accepting all parts of us, even the ones that we may want to mask or bury or hide. This is an opportunity to use our emotions and intuition to our advantage, trust that they have messages to share with us, and will shine a light on something significant in our lives and about ourselves.

This assists us to see the dualistic nature of life and of ourselves, recognizing that duality is necessary in order to experience completion. If we think of light/dark, life/death, masculine/feminine, pleasure/pain, etc., we realize that each one goes with the other, and that without one the other could not be, opposite ends of the same spectrum, as stated above. So even though they seem to be opposite, and one is generally considered ‘wanted’ and the other ‘unwanted’, they really are the same, a beautiful union that makes all that is possible. So if we take this understanding and apply it to our personal lives and what is going on within us, we may come to also understand that those parts of ourselves that we generally don’t want to face are necessary to our fullness, to our wholeness, and that if we acknowledge and embrace them, there is much we may learn from them, as all darkness is really just disguised light. It always has a message, it really just wants and needs to be loved.

Scorpio energy also brings awareness to the cyclical nature of life – birth, life, growth, death, re-birth. Each is necessary and has its own purpose with all things and all beings. The ending of one thing is also the beginning of another. Life implies death and death implies life. This cyclical nature is part of the duality that makes this experience of life possible. This Full Moon in Scorpio offers an illumination of the cycles within our own lives. What is currently ending or dying for us? And with this ending, what new beginning is coming forth? What is also growing and expanding? What are we birthing into our reality? This is an opportunity to slow down and appreciate each part of this cyclical experience, trusting that each phase of the cycle is necessary to our unique and beautiful personal experience of life.

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


‘Duality is always secretly unity.’ -Alan Watts

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Taurus New Moon: Grounding, Earthy, Clarifying


We experience a New Moon in Taurus on Wednesday, April 22nd at 10:25 PM EDT – this particular New Moon will usher in grounding, earthy,  and clarifying energies thanks to its presentation in the zodiac of Taurus. The New Moon marks the beginning of a lunar cycle, and is energetically a period of fresh starts and new beginnings. We are being given an opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves and the world around us, in a way that feels supportive and nurturing. This is a call to lean into our physical experience to discover a deeper sense of clarity and presence.

Grounding, Earthy, Clarifying

The zodiac of Taurus is one that enhances the connection we feel to our physical bodies, senses, and the Earth. Through this, it provides a lot of grounding energy. As the Moon presents here for her New Moon phase, we are being offered an opportunity to slow down, relax, and enjoy our physical experience, particularly through simple pleasures and being present. As we focus on our physical experience and what feels good, we move ourselves into a very grounded state that promotes enjoyment and relaxation, and we are encouraged to focus on what feels good. And when we focus on what feels good, our experience usually continues to feel good, as that is where we are concentrating our energy, and what we focus upon expands.

Taurus also has a deep appreciation for beauty, particularly Earthly beauty. This New Moon assists us to not only feel grounded, but to also connect with our Mother Earth, our physical home. As we slow down and move into a state of enjoyment and relaxation, we also are asked to enjoy and appreciate this planet we find ourselves living upon and all of her beauty, allowing ourselves to be present with the energy of the Earth and all of her many wonders, acknowledging the amazing support and nurturing qualities that she provides for us continuously, trusting that we always have everything we need, not only to survive, but also to thrive.

This New Moon also provides a period for us to receive greater clarity as it relates to our inner world and personal path. Taurus tends to know what she wants – she is stable, sturdy, and particular, not wavering much in what she knows feels good and wants to experience. A New Moon presentation in Taurus gives us a deeper sense of clarity if we allow ourselves to lean into it through slowing down and being present, moving into a quiet and still place where what wants to come through to us is able to come through. And if we lean into relaxation and enjoyment, what we need to know and feel is very likely to come through. This is a time to move away from any ‘shoulds’ we tell ourselves and allow the energy of deep connection, to the Earth as well as to ourselves, to guide us, trusting that the path will continue to show up for us and ground us, like only the energy of Taurus can!

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!

‘Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.’ -Thich Nhat Hanh

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Libra Full Moon: Balance, Harmony, Relationships


We experience a Full Moon on Tuesday, April 7th at 10:34 PM EDT – this Full Moon will present in the zodiac of Libra, and it is also the first Full Moon of the Spring season. This Full Moon in Libra will highlight balance, harmony, and relationships. We are being given an opportunity to pause and evaluate how balanced and harmonious our lives are, especially as it relates to not only our relationships with others, but particularly the relationship we have with ourselves.


Balance, Harmony, Relationships

Spring is the season of re-birth, growth, and beauty, moving from darkness to light. This first Full Moon of the Spring season is also a move from darkness to light (full illumination). This Full Moon will shine a light on our lives in general, as well as our relationships, with an opportunity to notice and feel into how balanced and harmonious our lives are at this time. Nature is always moving toward balance, and we are being called to ask ourselves if we are as well. As we recently transitioned into the Spring season, marked by the Vernal Equinox late last month, we may have been intentionally (or unintentionally) creating shifts in our personal lives to move toward greater balance. Perhaps we’ve been spending more time outdoors and connecting with nature, after months of spending more time inside and ‘hibernating’. Maybe we have been moving our bodies more and getting more frequent physical exercise. Or possibly we’ve been taking time to clean up and organize our homes, freshening, lightening, creating space – clearing out the old and making room for new energy and ways of being. Regardless of what it may look like in each of our personal lives, how we’ve been moving toward balance is a huge theme under this Libra Full Moon! Let’s take this opportunity to pause, ask ourselves if we feel balanced, both internally and externally, and if not, what we may be able to do to create greater balance in our lives.

Personally, I feel like balance and harmony go hand-in-hand – when there is balance, harmony usually follows. So if we are not feeling balanced, our lives will likely not feel harmonious either. As we start to create more balance in our personal worlds, it’s interesting to notice if things begin to shift into feeling more harmonious. There’s not much more that I have to say on this, other than that we may use this Full Moon to be keenly aware of both the energies of balance and harmony and how we are currently experiencing them (or not).

Libra also places great emphasis on relationships! During this Full Moon, we may also consider creating space, and allowing its illumination to more deeply reveal to us how we are experiencing the relationship we have with ourselves as well as others, remembering that the two are intertwined. If we do not have a balanced and harmonious relationship with ourselves, it’s not likely that we will be experiencing balanced, harmonious relationships with others. How we treat and care for ourselves is a model for how we expect others to treat and care for us – if we are placing too much stock in outside relationships and neglecting ourselves, that also does not cultivate a balanced state of being. During this Spring season, Mother Earth is re-awakening, and her first Full Moon offers us this chance to re-awaken to ourselves, as well as everything and everyone surrounding us. This is a call for deep presence, pause, evaluation, and appreciation – and given the current state of our world, I believe this is more important than ever!

Wishing all of you abundant Full Moon blessings!


“Life blossoms when it is in a state of harmony and balance.” -Angie Karan Krezos


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Aries New Moon: Independence, Passion, Adventure


We experience the New Moon in Aries on Tuesday, March 24th at approximately 5:28 AM EDT – this New Moon is the first one of the Spring season and marks the first full lunar cycle of Spring. Aries is one of the three fire signs of the zodiac, and highlights energies of independence, passion, and adventure. This New Moon marks a shift into a season of momentous growth, and we are being called to step up and step out (likely out of our comfort zone), as we embrace who we really are and share it with the world in new ways.


Independence, Passion, Adventure

The Sun recently made the transition from Pisces to Aries (earlier this week on the 19th), and the New Moon occurs when both the Sun and Moon present in the same sign of the zodiac, which occurs once each month. Pisces season was one of more internal states of awareness and being, with heightened emotions and intuition. At times, it was confusing and unsettling, and we were being asked to surrender and go more with the flow of our lives. However, we are now in the bold season of Aries, and as the Moon makes her way into this sign as well, we are being called to start moving our energy from our inner realms and into our outer reality. This is a period to be confident and to show up as who we really are, without the need of something or someone outside of ourselves to determine that for us. If we truly embraced the energy of Pisces season and allowed ourselves to dive deep within to release what we no longer needed, as well as discover and be with what our inner being was guiding us toward, then we should have an easy time moving into a more independent energy that is asking us to step into a new world and new way of being.

The New Moon is also a time to ‘wipe the slate clean’, so to speak, and really leave behind anything that you no longer need, while also setting intentions and cultivating desires. This is even more prominent with this New Moon, as it is the first New Moon of Spring, which is also a period of intense growth and shifting. The energy of Aries at this time is encouraging us to fully work with what we are passionate about and bring it up from the depths of our inner being, and allow it to fully emerge out into the world. And although this may seem a little scary or bring up feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability (as new life and growth are definitely a bit tender and fragile), if we don’t grow and move out of our comfort zone, we will find ourselves in a state of stagnation, frozen and not moving into our full potential. Allowing our passions to warm and energize us, giving us the courage to bring forth this new life and new potential is key to really working with the energy of this New moon. Many of us may be needing to shift out of old ways of being and doing in order to continue growing, finding new ways to bring our passion forth into the outer world.

And of course Aries loves adventure (the fire signs do), and a new season is the perfect time for new adventures and more spontaneity. It’s a time to mix things up, move energy around, and interact with the world around you in new and exciting ways. We are moving out of more dormant energy and into more active energy. So for any of us who have been feeling a bit listless or depleted, it’s time to start physically working with energy and moving the body, as well as getting out into nature and connecting with what is growing and changing all around us. Again, trying something new may require us to get out of our comfort zone, but it’s the only way to grow, and is required during certain seasons. It also forces us to really be with the moment and recognize that all we truly have is the present. As we take aligned action, embrace adventure, and cultivate spontaneity, we are birthing a new reality for ourselves and for everyone and everything we are connected with as well. During this New Moon, we would do well to create as much space for ourselves as we need to truly tap into the fire within, trusting that is lighting and guiding the way for us, showing us where it is time to shift and what we now need to focus upon during this season of growth.

Wishing all of you abundant New Moon blessings!


“The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before.” -Albert Einstein 


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