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Currently Taking a ‘Pause’ 

As of mid-July 2020, I am on what I am calling a ‘pause’ with teaching yoga classes. I transitioned my on-site/in-person classes from The Cocuun to online classes in March 2020 due to The Cocuun’s closure as a result of the pandemic. After teaching online classes for several months, and The Cocuun still not having re-opened, I decided to discontinue teaching online classes, as it wasn’t really resonating with me. So for the time being, I am not offering any yoga classes. I am currently looking into different options for holding some outdoor yoga classes this Summer/Fall, and I will make an update when/if I get any scheduled. Check back to the ‘EVENTS’ section of this site often for any updated info!

My Yoga JourneyMy Yoga Journey…

After many years of cultivating my personal yoga practice, I decided to move forward with Yoga Teacher Training from March-June 2018, and I have been actively teaching since the completion of my training.

My personal yoga practice and teaching continue to shift, as I personally continue to grow, expand, and shift in all aspects of my life. I practice and teach in a way that I call ‘intuitive’, with a strong focus on connecting with the breath, bringing greater awareness to the body, and cultivating overall balance and well-being. Gentle classes are slow and intentional. Restorative classes promote complete comfort and relaxation. The classes I teach are appropriate for almost everyone, no matter previous background or experience with yoga.

As I have expanded my work into intuitive/lunar-focused astrology since February 2019, I have also started creating monthly experiences centered around the New Moon, which incorporate a restorative yoga practice, with me guiding you through that energy of the New Moon, complete with a copy of my New & Full Moon Workbook.

For me, a yoga practice is a way to create space for yourself, to really be with what is, and connect to not only the body, but also the breath and the inner being, in order to go within and receive what is waiting for us there!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and I would be honored to have you join me in the cultivation of this practice.

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